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Hope for Houston

By Amber

The only city I have ever known and loved is Houston. There may not be mountains that tower over the landscape and the nearby beach town of Galveston may not have the crystal clear blue waters of the Caribbean, but there is a sense of pride and culture that I personally find unique to the city that draws me to it. Most people who live in Houston may complain about it from time to time, but at the end of the day, H-Town proves to be an amazing place to call home.

When Hurricane Harvey hit this past year, it was absolutely devastating for ALL of Houston. It takes almost two hours to travel from one end of Houston to the other- and almost every single suburb within the metropolitan area received some damage. Sometimes you may think the news is making a situation appear worse than it really is, but that was not the case at all with this storm. I traveled back home one weekend, about a week after the storm, only to be put at a complete loss of words for what I saw. All the homes right outside my family’s little neighborhood had been completely inundated with water, and all their furniture was piled onto the streets. Volunteers graciously gave out food from tents scattered about and all kinds of people- despite their differences- came together to help.

Deeper into the neighborhood, a huge wedge tornado struck in the wee hours of the night and destroyed large homes. When I was driving back to Lubbock, a huge chunk of the south-bound side of the Beltway had been washed away. Houston needed hope.

Thanks to the Astros, Houston is optimistic. For the second time in franchise history, they have made it to the World Series. I will never forget how excited I was this past Saturday when they beat the Yankees in game 4. I had chills because this is the year Houston needed it. The sense of pride has been restored, and the money hosting from hosting the series can help the city rebuild.

My parents will be attending this Saturday and have friends flying in. I’m jealous to say the least, but to be able to witness the spirit of fans within Minute Maid Park root on a team that plays with such heart is incredible, even if it’s only through my TV. Sports can unify and help bring together communities in their times of need, and Houston is now stronger than ever.

If you plan on watching the games this weekend, notice the #Htownstrong logos on the jersey. Watch Jose Altuve, who has been doubted for his height since day 1, come out as the league MVP. 

JJ Watt came together and raised millions of dollars for Harvey victims. He may have been injured in one of the first Texans games this season, but he will bounce back and be remembered as one of the best defensive players in the game and a great humanitarian.

Mattress Mack had hundreds of his inventory ruined whenever he opened his furniture store as a shelter for displaced victims, but he will prove to have one of the most successful furniture stores in the city due to his kindness.

It has been a hard year for Houston, but overall the city has proven too been full of hospitality and a giving hand, even in the eyes of the media. Houston will transpire and continue to be a flourishing city filled with economic opportunities, diversity, and acceptance for all.

This weekend, even if you’re from Dallas, it is a great time to come together and root for the state and the city. I truly believe this series means more than just a win, it is a chance to prove that Houston and the state of Texas is resilient and prideful.


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