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Meet Grace

2019 Spring Intern at RMPR

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I have officially been interning at Razonia McClellan Public Relations for a little over two weeks now. This particular amount of time is significant because I’ve finally graduated from the very standard “oh my gosh I’m not sure if I’m doing this correctly, I hope I’m faking it well enough” stage. I believe that this stage is universal in any new role and you finally push past it after two weeks.

In these first two weeks I’ve had the opportunity to learn and do some cool new things. A daily task I enjoy is researching, which is pretty lucky considering it’s such a large part of the job. I research trends, our clients, new ideas, happenings around Lubbock... the list goes on. I think this is a pretty typical intern role and for good reason. Research is vital, not only initially but throughout any Public Relations campaign or event. It’s also brought me up to speed with the happenings of our clients. I’ve also have loved getting to create graphics and learning programs that have taught me more about email marketing and project management.

I also am thankful to always have something to work on! Seriously, killing time when you’ve run out of tasks is cruel and unusual punishment. Luckily, interning at RMPR you’re trusted with work that feels like an important step in a project.

I look forward to a semester of learning new things, meeting new people, and office snacks... definitely office snacks.

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