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Meet Jenn

2019 Spring Intern at RMPR

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First of all, I love it here! I’ve been an intern for officially a little over a month and I must say I’ve been surrounded by kindness, expertise, and fun experiences since the day I stepped foot into RMPR. I’m at the point of my academic career where it is time to buckle down and figure out “what do I want to do with my life?” As daunting as this question is, gaining this internship has opened my eyes to the vast opportunities within PR.

In the beginning, I was intimidated by all the new information I was met with. I mean, this was my first internship at a firm! But as the weeks passed, I understood “hey this is a normal feeling, take it one day at a time”. The women here are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about their work and they share the same passion for their interns. This was such a wonderful feeling as they are more than happy to teach and guide us in the right direction. This quickly eased my nerves and made me more confident in my work.

I never knew I would enjoy researching as much I do during this job, every day I learn something new about the world around us and being able to apply it to our work is an incredibly cool feat. Getting to know clients, Lubbock, and assist with cool events is such a plus! Here at RMPR, interns are a part of the team. We aren’t coffee gophers or ball-and-chained to the copy machine and I love it. Everyday there is a task to be done towards a goal that everyone in the office is trying to achieve. Learning is something that occurs here all the time and I believe that this internship is molding me every day to be a better PR specialist.

If I’ve learned anything from RMPR, it’s this:

Coffee is a gift from Heaven, and if you are passionate about what you do and your clients, work isn’t work anymore it’s fun. With passion you are eager to do a great job, and here at RMPR I’ve never feel more certain that PR is the job for me!

I look forward to the semester to come and witnessing how all our hard will continue to unfold!

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