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More Words for #2019

by Sara Zapata, Account Coordinator

· PR Lessons,The Balance

2019 check in! How are we doing everyone?? Tired? Pumped? Officially trying again in 2020?

Well, we at RMPR have been bussyyyy. From new interns and birthdays to trips to Dallas, we’ve barely been able to catch our breath. But not to fear we’ve got some words of encouragement in case you’ve been personally victimized by 2019.



#PRsistence #resilience public relations dallas request for proposal razonia mcclellan

Sometimes things don’t happen as quickly as we’d like them too. People take a while to respond, solving problems requires more then one step or things we really wanted don’t turn out the way we hoped.

BUT we have to be resilient... Reach back out to that person. Go to step 15 if you have to. If that “thing” didn’t work out, it’s probably because you’re going onto something better.

In PR and in life, persistence -defined as the ability to continue in a course of action despite difficulty- is half the battle. As we like to define it, it's the metaphysical land where 90% of productivity, motivation, and success are stored.

#PRsistence #resilience public relations request for proposal dallas company razonia mcclellan

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