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My first day

Kelsey Hartwig, summer intern

· Our Team

School’s Out and the Internship Begins!!

As the semester comes to an end and graduation begins, the summer festivities seem endless. Endless for about a week. For me, I began my internship and RMPR just two days ago!!

To be honest, I showed up 20 minutes early, walked to the front door about four times, and once I got in, I only wanted to cry every 10 minutes for the first hour and a half. That sounds a bit dramatic, but what can I say? I was so nervous!

But let me tell you: walking in the second day, I felt like an old pro. Kind of. I accredit these calm feelings to the warmth and positive greeting that the team here offered immediately. I was already filled with laughter and positive feelings walking out of the doors the first day.

Already, I have become more confident in my writing and work skills. Something I have tend to struggle with is putting my work out there. This internship is certainly not the “picking up coffee, dropping off dry cleaning, take the trash out” internship. It is the internship that, as far as I can tell, allows you to take advantage of what you have learned in school and truly apply it. You are held accountable for your tasks and it results in a domino effect. I have had many tasks thrown my way that were initially overwhelming, but after a little bit, I began to find my groove.

I am entering my senior year at Texas Tech University. As a public relations and advertising student, I am still working my way through the CoMC ladder. I have an idea of what I want to do but still not 100 percent sure.

Ultimately, I want to learn. I have always stuck by the saying to act like a sponge and soak up everything you can. You will never know absolutely everything. That is the reason why I sit, and I listen, and I ask questions. I expect to continue to learn from this internship. I expect to learn what we want as a firm and how to handle clients. Lastly, I expect to enjoy this experience!

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What advice do you have for Kelsey? Leave your comments below!

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