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My First Day

Laurel Webb, summer intern

· Our Team

That moment when I realized- I needed an internship…bad.

This past semester, I started to become anxious about not having internship experience near my impending graduation date in December.

I have big career goals, but I knew I needed the resume to match them. While I had little time and resources when studying abroad, I still searched, and got lucky right when I thought my luck had run out.

RMPR was hiring one more intern! I quickly emailed Sarah, prepared for the interview, and hoped for the best. When Sarah emailed my position offer... I was elated.

The first week has been eye-opening. My first morning, I was given a tour of the office then immediately assigned to a task. Five tasks, actually. And throughout the day and the week, I became so thankful for the PR classes I took that prepared me well for the work I am now executing.

Not only have I learned about deadlines, industry contacts and platforms, and client relations, but I have also realized that the work force is much more intense and a stronger hustle than school.

My work assignments are dependent on me finishing them, not for a grade but rather the progress of the firm. I have learned to accept tasks with much less instruction than class assignments and figure out exactly how best to complete them with what I am given.

When I first accepted the internship, I was excited to see the PR industry in work and gain valuable knowledge about the work required. Not only have I experienced this already, but I have had a fortunate peek into my future in the PR industry. I am preparing for the creativity and strategic works to come and am ready to lay the foundations for my career.

razonia mcclellan public relations summer intern

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