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Our #2019moods

By the RMPR team

Life is the wildest ride each of us will take, and the new year is the perfect time to reevaluate the direction you're going as well as the path that's getting you there. Today, we're sharing with you each of our resolutions and goals for this year.


Tell us, do you have similar goals?



I have given quite a bit of thought to my New Year’s Resolution. Typically, I have everything line out and firmed up by December 31st so I start the year off on the right foot. However, this year it’s different. I am different. Therefore, it’s taking me longer to line up the person I want to be by the time 2020 rolls around. I mean, after all, that’s what resolutions are about, right? Making changes in ourselves so we’re better versions come 2020. Anyway…I have come up with the following resolutions for 2019:

  • I will run at least FIVE 5K races and work hard to make better time than I did in the BMW Marathon 5K in Dallas this past December.  It was a little embarrassing that I had to walk so much, BUT I am doing a hell of a lot better than anyone still sitting on their couch.  I showed up. I did it. I am now going to do better.  Heck, in 2019 I am going KICK ASS!
  • I will aim to be a better mom and wife.
  • I vow to take more time for myself. This means, more massages, more hot baths, more “me time” in general.
  • I will, with the help of my amazing team, grow the Dallas office.
  • I will travel more.  That doesn’t mean just to places for work either!  I want to go camping. That’s right…you heard me. I am going to sleep in a tent this year.

In one word: #KICKASS

Sarah Draper

This, like every year, I fall short of actually outlining specific objectives for my resolutions, but I do however take time to look at where my life is headed, what big things are coming within the next year, and who I am becoming as a person. What has preoccupied my thoughts in the last year; am I focusing on the right things?

My answer to myself is that I haven't given myself much time for, well, myself. With all the life events in the past few months and the ones up ahead, I've forgotten to schedule some much needed "me time" in quite a while, and I stress about things that aren't in my control, shutting down way to early on projects for myself. This year, I'd like to remind myself each day that I need to look at the big picture and take time to reflect more often before I get ahead of myself. That given, I should have a breezier year. Grad school, wedding time... let's do this.


In one word: #BACKUP


I have a lot of personal goals and resolutions for 2019, I mean probably 30 different goals. My top 3 would be to stop mindless spending, continue making my health a priority, and to put more time and love into close friends and family.

In one word: #HUSTLE

Sara Zapata

So I tried to think about New Years resolutions a little differently this year. I know it's a time for improvements and fresh starts but sometimes I think we get wrapped in the pressure of flipping a switch on the first of the month. We have the idea that we have to be a better person from one day to the next. And then we get burned out in two weeks and think 'eh maybe next year'. And I'm not sure about y'all but I always got caught in this cycle. So this year I wanted the changes to come from myself and what I really wanted to accomplish instead of making changes because of the calendar date. I made promises to myself about things I wanted to work on and then purposely started on those things after January first. Now don't laugh because some of these might sound corny, lol.

  • Eat better and be healthy 
  • Find out who Sara is 
  • Find out what makes me authentically happy 
  • Freakin' graduate #GunsUp
  • Financial stability 

Overall I hope this year brings prosperity and positivity. And I hope these are goals and lifestyle changes that will carry long after 2019.

In one word: #SELF

but also... #Prospering #SecuretheBag