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5 Inspirational Quotes to Get Motivated

By Audrey

I love a good scroll through Pinterest to find inspirational graphics to look at each month. I think it’s important, no matter what you do in life, to be excited about something and stay motivated. Here are my 5 favorite quotes from this past month.

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Quote #1: This is a great one for every day. It’s impossible for EVERY day to be great. But there is always something good in each day and that’s what can motivate you to keep going.

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Quote #2: I love this one! People love other human’s real experiences and stories. Working in a PR firm, I think when pitching something, you have to believe in it and share how much more something is than just a product.

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Quote #3: This is a light-hearted fun one. But it’s true! A little coffee and lipstick is just what most girls need to start their day strong.

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Quote #4: DREAM BIG. This life is full of so many opportunities and unknowns. It’s also a short life so live it big! I think it’s important to ALWAYS have dreams.

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Quote #5: What I live by! Each new day is a day for a better and improved you. Be thankful for who you are today but work on an even better you for tomorrow.

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