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How to Stand Out in Social Media Clutter

By: Chloe Willcox

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These days, social media is cluttered with content from paid advertisements, to influencers, to campaign content and spam. This begs the question; how do I stand out from the clutter?

First, you want to ensure your post entices the viewer to read more. If you can draw their attention in the first few seconds, you’ve already completed the next step.

Second, provide an image or video. If you attach a bright, fun, and relatable image, readers are more likely to take a few seconds looking at your content. If they like it, they will easily be able to further access your social media page, website, and other posts.

Third, attach a link to your posts. Whether it’s adding a “swipe up” option or a click HERE choice this will let your readers easily access your website. If the reader is even a little interested in your post, attaching a link will largely increase your chances of making them aware of your product or service and even leading them to make a purchase.

Fourth, keep it concise! Readers who are taking a five-minute break to scroll social media aren’t going to spend their time reading your four-paragraph post about why they need your brand’s product. Keep your message simple, interesting, and quick.

Finally, be relatable! If your brand publishes content people can't relate to chances are they won’t follow through with your call to action. This may even lead to losing followers.

If your brand is able to publish content that is funny, informative, entertaining and/or relatable, the more likely it is to gain attention. This could also lead to the spread of your content, such as viral videos, rise in followers, growth of brand loyalty, and so on.

In today’s world, most people want to know all about themselves. That being said, use these tactics to show consumers how your product can better the their life. Show them the how and why of the product or service. Make it about them and give your brand a persona in which they can relate to. If you follow these steps, it can push engagement higher and lead your brand to success.