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Infused Water: Our Favorites

By Ashleigh

As I’m sure many of our readers know, our office as a whole has a slight caffeine obsession. Funny enough, before I began interning at RMPR, I had just gotten myself weaned off of caffeine. Today, I am embarrassed to report that I drink anywhere from two to four cups of coffee a day... However, as an office, we try to be as healthy as possible and opt for water instead of caffeine, even though we all are big on coffee. In doing so, we have been looking into infused water recipes and some other drink options that do just as good of a job to revive us when that afternoon slump hits. Here are some of our favorite infused water recipes for the upcoming warm weather to swap out with your afternoon cup of Joe:

Blueberry Lime: Regular or sparkling chilled water, a cup and a half of blueberries (I like to add in frozen ones!), and a whole lime cut in half. This one is really pretty and so refreshing!

Strawberry Mint: Regular or sparkling chilled water, a cup and a half of fresh or frozen sliced strawberries, and however much mint tastes best to you! I recommend tasting the water as you go to gauge how much mint is just right, overpowering the strawberry can change the flavor but it’s up to you!

Orange: This one is really self-explanatory: cut up an orange into slices or halves and drop it into some chilled water! (Korryn just made this one and it’s currently in our fridge right now-an office fave!)

Lemon Mint: Chilled water, a whole large lemon (you can add more if needed), and as much mint that tastes refreshing to you!

These water recipes are so fun because it truly is impossible to mess them up, and allows for plenty of creativity. As a caffeine crazy person, I usually opt for an iced coffee or cold Diet Coke in the afternoon for a little pep in the afternoon, but I love the flavored water as a healthy substitute!

What are some of your favorite infused water recipes? Let us know so we can give them a try!