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Jenn's Fashion "Dream Client"

by Jenn Arinze, Lubbock Spring Intern

Fashion, fashion, fashion.

To keep it short, I LOVE IT! Everything from old prestigious fashion houses to the new pop up brands of today making their mark in the everchanging fashion world. As I sit and think about it, really my dream client would have to be any major fashion and style magazine, ranging from, of course, the refined VOUGE magazine to the edgy Paper Magazine, and everything in between.

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One thing I had the pleasure of being around since I started my college career is being around those who share in the same passion as me, whether it’s through writing, modeling, or designing. One of my very good friends, Ifreke Linyang, is an aspiring male fashion model, as are a lot of the people who I’ve come to befriend. He has been working at his craft for years, constantly putting out content to build his portfolio.

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How does this work with my dream client you may ask? Well, his work has not gone without notice. Many of his modeling jobs have been picked up and mention of the likes of VOUGE Italia. VOGUE Italia has this cool platform they call “Talents” where they mention aspiring models and photographers that catch their attention. To be mentioned is a great honor because obviously you must be doing something right, right?

This was a major deal

...because when this happened, he tweeted about it and this news went viral, FAST. The amount of people who went to website to see it for themselves was incredible. This increased viewership for both his work and Vogue Italia as many people in my network curiously went forward to look through the talents page, as I’m sure happens for others mentioned on the site.

I’ve always believed that there is so much undiscovered talent that need attention, so funny enough, this campaign idea has always been in my head. I believe that many of these well-known magazines should have their own “talents” pages. Many aspiring models and photographers are looked over due to not having access to major agencies. These sites are a wonderful tool to help models that may be looking for their big break.

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What VOUGE Italia did for Ifreke was to endorse his vision, as he told me, this recognition was a huge blessing for him as he was discovered by other agencies and photographers. I remember the day it dropped, Vogue was all anybody was talking about that day. People since then have been mentioning @Vouge or any other magazine or major fashion personality for their chance to be discovered.

The fact is,

...there's a market here to be tapped into. All people want is to be recognized and endorsed by the brands they look up to. By creating web pages and social media accounts purely for posting undiscovered/underground models, photographers, and designers this, in turn, will bring these magazines their fan bases, which for a lot of fashion IG models and designers are in the hundreds of thousands. By endorsing them, they create tons of user-generated content, as do their followers creating one big circle back to the fashion magazine, overall bringing up viewership, and support.

VOUGE Italia is ahead of the curve with this one, but why should it just be them? This is a genius too that, if used by the fashion publishing community correctly, will generate an ever-buzzing community of content and content support. There is a market of fashion underdogs, and people who want to see them succeed. It’s time to TAP IN!

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What would you "tap in" to? Tell us below!