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Life's Blessings

By Amber

Thanksgiving is about coming together to spend quality time with your friends and your family. If 2017 has taught me anything, it is the value and the blessings of my family. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them, and they are the best support system a gal could have.


Some other things I am blessed with:

I am blessed to have had the opportunity to gain experience in this internship with Razonia. I have learned so much already from her and the team and it makes me so excited for my future in this field.

I am blessed to have worked with a charity called Fort Bend Cares this summer and see firsthand how good I have it and be able to give back.

I am blessed to have supporting friends that have been there with me from the elementary days and are there in the darkest hours, still making me laugh.

I am blessed that even with my mom’s cancer diagnosis this year, there are brilliant doctors and technology that help her keep kickin’ and living a normal life.

I am blessed that I come from a community that raised over $15,000 in a charity tennis tournament to support my mom’s kidney cancer battle and fund research to find a cure for it.

I am blessed that I get to attend a school as amazing as Texas Tech. My professors and fellow classmates have helped me open my eyes to all the opportunities the school possesses as well as the personal growth that has occurred since I have been there.

I am blessed that I got to be a server at Ruby Tequila’s until they closed. I have so many crazy stories and I think it was a test of my patience and people skills. You can sometimes see the worse of humanity as a server, but you learn first-hand to respect those working and doing you a service. You never know what is going on in someone’s life, so you minus well try to be as nice as possible.

I am blessed that I turned 21 this year. I got to go to Vegas with my mom this year and that wasn’t a bad time (that’s for sure!)

I am blessed to have adopted a cat named Bella this year. She is such a cuddle-bug and I am glad I got to save her from the pound.

There are so many blessings in life, big and small. Thanksgiving is a holiday to forget the negatives and try to see the positive within every situation going on, embracing everything you have in life and uniting with those around you.