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National Dress Day: Our Favorites

By Korryn and RMPR team

"Cinderella never asked for a prince. She asked for a night off and a dress." - Kiera Cass

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The weather is warming up and that means we can break out the dresses and warmer clothes again. We each have a different style and have different types of dresses that we like the best. Today, to celebrate National Dress Day, our office is showing you what are favorite kinds of dresses are and why.

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I love a good shift dress. It's nothing too fancy, yet it's still dressier than jeans and a tee. It's not form fitting so you can still breathe and you look like you put a little more effort in your outfit (without having to plan too much), it's a win/win!

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A-line. I love this style because it gives your body some shape by the top being more accentuated and it flows out, making it comfortable for day-to-day wear. I think this style is super girly & flirty which is what I love. It looks cute and feels even better!

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My favorite dresses are the ones that are flowy and super comfy, but can be worn casually with a pair of my favorite sneakers, a cute pair of sandals, or even heels. If you know me, you know that I’m into low-maintenance and dual purpose products, so dresses are my go-to look in the warmer parts of the year. I also love dresses because there is no worrying about matching bottoms and tops. It’s the fastest way to get ready in the morning for this anti-morning girl!

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As a child growing up between brothers, I never liked dresses. For church, I used the excuse that I hated the breeze on my legs to wear blouses and clacks instead. One day, I just got over it. I don’t remember anything in particular; it may have just been a newer style of dresses that made me open to the idea. I remember hi-low dress with a yellow patterned skirt that I absolutely loved wearing with heels and I still have it in my closet. The years following that, I considered wearing more dresses in the summer if I could find a material I was ok maybe sweating in a bit, like a soft cotton. I also still have a blue floral summer dress I’ll wear with a jean jacket if I’m in the mood. Sadly it’s a bit too short to be wearing in the office!

Since living in Lubbock, it is hard to plan on wearing a dress when you know there will be 30mph winds… The most recent style I have been able to rock is a long (past my knees) sweater dress for winter. Paired with a high bootie, you don’t expose too much skin or the elements, and it’ll still look sleek with panty-hose underneath. I have two turtleneck, fitted sweater dresses that look great with my fancier black jacket and a flowy scarf and I have one super soft plaid dress that I wore a lot around Christmas with a fluffy white scarf. They’re also great to wear at work!

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When I can find one that works for short girls, I LOVE maxis! They can be dressed up or dressed down and are SUPER comfy, which is always a plus!!!

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One of my favorite dresses right now is my blue jean dress I purchased at Chico’s. Much like Kari’s comments about the maxi dress, I love that I can dress it up or dress it down. It’s got great lines and I feel incredibly comfortable in it.

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I would consider my favorite dress to be a maxi dress that has a little bit of a twist, like this one pictured, since it has a slit on the side! I just recently purchased a dress like this and I love it because it has length to it, while at the same time being breathable and comfortable. This type of dress is perfect for warmer weather in the summertime!