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Guide to Candles in the Office

by Korryn McMinn

Here at the office, we're obsessed with candles. We like to think that lighting candles or melting fragrance melts are a great way to make the office not only smell good, but feel a little more like home.

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While fragrances can be great - it's important to remember that you don't like every scent you smell, and your coworkers are the same way. What might smell nice to you might be dreadful to the person in the office right by you. What are some good rules to follow when it comes to lighting the candles? Let's discuss...

First, familiarize yourself with any scent allergies your coworkers might have.

This is important. You wouldn't want your coworker to use a scent that set off an allergic reaction in you, so be courteous of your colleagues and don't use scents that set them off. There's a lot more scents to choose from that won't break them out!

Next, listen to what your coworkers like and dislike.

As we mentioned briefly above, not everyone is going to enjoy the same scent. I might enjoy the smell of Cinnamon Cedar, but not everyone will... you wouldn't want to smell something that made you sick, so don't do that to your coworkers!

Lastly, light your candles, but don't forget to turn them off!

Don't forget to turn your wax melters off and extinguish the candle's flame before going home at the end of the day.

The main takeaway here is that you listen to your coworkers. If you show them respect, they'll do the same for you! The workplace should be an environment where you can add little touches to make it a little more like home. Candles are a great way to do that, but be aware of any concerns your employer or office-mates might have.