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Office Music: What Motivates Us





By Shelby Thornton

These girls are on FIRE! But seriously, you can find every genre of music from country to rock just take a step into someone’s office! I mean, who can sit at a desk from 8-5 and not hear a beat of music? And no, the typing on your keyboard does not count.

Let’s take a tour around the office and see what goes on musically in each room.

Take a step into Razonia’s office and you hear music ranging from “Girl On Fire” by Alicia Keys to “We Can’t Stop” by Miley Cyrus. Pick your battle, do you want to rule the world or party like the world is ending tomorrow? Razonia picks these two songs as her favorite because they are all about girl power! I can’t blame her, in an office full of women what’s a better choice!? Don’t mistake her song choices though, when she needs to buckle down and get some work done she will put on some rap, make another cup of coffee, throw her hair in a bun and then... it’s ON!

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Now let’s travel down the hall to Shelby and Audrey’s office. No matter what day you catch them, you’re promised good music regardless!

Do you have your cowboy boots ready and a hint of sass? That’s right, country with a mix of pop is what you will run into when Shelby is in. "She Likes the Beatles" by William Clark Green is a go to for Shelby. Since Shelby loves Texas country she claims it is just easy to get your work done and listen to at the same time. Beyoncé anyone?? Yes, please! What better way to conquer all of your deadlines than listening to "Flawless" by the Queen B.

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For Audrey’s favorites, "California Dreamin" is the top song! Who else dreams about Cali while working?? Second best is of course “Passionfruit” by Drake. This is one that is soothing but still keeps you awake and ready to get your work on.

Walking a little further down the hall you’ll run into Korryn and Sarah’s offices. Don’t let them fool you, they might be working on similar things but their music is totally opposite.

Wanna shake off that stress? You can do just that in Korryn’s office. “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift is her go to because it is always nice to remind yourself to loosen up a bit and to not get down and out! Another song that motivates Korryn to get to work is “It’s Gonna Be Me” by (the best boy band of all time) *NSYNC. This song reminds her keep her eyes on the prize and to not quit!

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Next door in Sarah’s office you will get a mix of music! She prefers to not turn on Pandora shuffle, but rather Sarah picks a station that she is in the mood for which help her focus more! Although she may listen to a variety there is ONE song that she always results back to: “Feel It Still” by Portugal is just what she turns on when she needs to clear her mind and take a break!

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Even when you work out of the office music is still needed. As for Kari,who works remotely, she is all about having fun and getting work done. She accomplishes that by turning on a 90’s music playlist. Let us tell you, she can belt some N’Sync!

Wherever you’re at music is always an essential. It helps make that eight hour day go faster and more enjoyable!

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