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Summer Routines

By Audrey

I’m all for a solid routine. I like structure in my days. Now, I definitely get tired of the exact same thing every day and there’s fun ways to switch them up. But I personally need a detailed schedule each day. Whether you’re a planned or unplanned person, I think having a routine is extremely important. It keeps balance in your life and cuts unnecessary stress out.


I’ve personally been trying out a new routine for myself as well as some healthy lifestyle changes and the benefits are wonderful.

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1.Wake Up Early & Knock Something Out

For me, I have a “side hustle,” or whatever you want to call it. Maybe you have a family and young children, or you’re a huge gym girl, or are a member of organizations that take up some time. Regardless, you’re busy. We all need a few minutes to ourselves in the morning. I’ve tried to knock my workouts out in the morning, loved it, but couldn’t stick to it. Now I get up two hours before work so I can read my devotional, answer some emails, and get my post ready for the day. It’s the happiest part of my day and knocks a few things out that I don’t have to do after work.

2. Plan out your day

Whether this is in your written planner, google calendar, phone planner, etc. you need something. Plan out your days to visually see when you have time available for other things or relaxation. I usually have a lot to do after work, including a workout, so I like to write out all the errands, and things I have to do afterwards so I don’t forget or get side tracked.

3. Prioritize

This is typical but, prioritize what is a must for you. I have to turn down a lot of social events or time with friends during the week because I know how important it is for my health to get in a good workout, make dinner, work on my own personal business, and then get in bed by my bedtime. There’s no time in there M-Th to fit in a happy hour with a girlfriend or go on a date. Everyone’s different so plan out what’s the most important to you and stable activities you do each day and go around those.

4. Begin and End Your Day with Something positive

Like I mentioned above, I start my day with a devotional. I start it happy. I am a huge homebody and love a good Netflix show. So I always like to end my days with a Netflix show. There’s nothing that can end my day better than a fruit bowl, chocolate, and tea with some Netflix. I think waking up and going to bed on a positive note is good for the soul because, after all, life is tough. Especially on those bad days I’m begging for that nightly quiet time.

Do you like having a routine?! Tell us below.