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The Awkward Fashion Zone

By Sarah

The Awkward Fashion Zone: (n) that time of year in seasonal transition from winter to spring when the weather isn’t consistent, leaving you unsure how to dress, tons of stores have huge sales for bulky/sweater-y clothes made for winter that you can totally take advantage of but new trends are already popping up for the next season. You’ll probably attempt to wear a bright color for spring you haven’t tried wearing before….


What do you do in the awkward fashion zone? How do you manage the transition? Have you attempted a fashion-forward move that ended up being a fashion no-no, and do you have photographic documentation?


I’ll start with my myself:

I spent a lot of time trying to decide whether to walk into stores during these months to catch those amazing winter clothes sales before they’re all gone. When I find something great, I end up suffering through the sun to wear it before it becomes totally unacceptable (usually around 65 degrees for me, but I’m also cold-blooded). I suffer more than I manage. I also like to use tights or panty-hose under skirts or shorts if it’s just a tad cold for shorts alone, and that adds another layer that makes it look like more effort was put into the outfit.


Most of my younger childhood outfits were hand-me-downs from family friends with daughters, and many of them I don’t remember, so I guess I can’t really complain. Since I started picking my own clothes from stores, I was too scared to dive into new trends without being certain I’d wear it more than once. I had enough awkward from my hair to need any more from my clothes. I had straight hair until around 7th grade, when I had a whole year or nothing but frizz, followed by actual semi-curls in 8th grade. When you already have braces and glasses, it’s harsh time. I would burn those photos if I could.


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Going to public high school after being a uniformed-private-school-kid was definitely a culture shock. During the transition of the seasons, as few as there really are back home in California, I was simply extra confused, and extra lazy: I’d wear my tennis shoes and jean shorts and a sweatshirt, and always allllllways a bow in my hair, thank you private school. This look continued well through my sophomore year of high school, unfortunately. Please don’t contact my mom for pictures, because I know they exist.

Now, I just wear a lot of black and utilize layers! Black never goes out of style and it typically matches almost everything. My favorite aspect of wearing black: you can’t see the sweat marks after you started your day when it was 30 degrees outside and it’s now 82…sometimes I really miss California, ha!

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Well since we live in Lubbock TX… it’s no surprise that when you wake up and go to class it is 28 degrees and then when you walk out of the building around noon it is 82 degrees. So, for me, I typically always wear jeans and a shirt that can be worn with a cute sweater over it! This way if it is hot outside I can take the sweater off or if it is cold I can put the sweater back on. This ensemble always prepares me for this crazy West Texas weather! And Jeans never seem to fail me during this awkward seasonal transition. I feel like I never get too hot when wearing them and then they always keep me warm as well if the temperatures outside decide to be below freezing that day. I feel like it’s the perfect outfit for transitioning to winter to spring, especially in weather that never seems to be consistent.

And to answer your question about if I have ever attempted a fashion trend that ended up being a disaster.. well, that is a definite YES lol. I am not sure why my mom let me leave the house like this.. but in junior high school, I would mix match prints that did not go together whatsoever. For instance, I would wear a shirt with animal print on it with a plaid button up over it. I am not sure what I was thinking, but I sure thought I was rocking it. Thank goodness I learned quickly that this wasn’t the most fashion-forward look!

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When in the awkward fashion zone, I typically opt for a mix of Spring and Winter. As new fun warm clothes are put out to buy, I will start buying here and there and mixing with a winter piece. For instance, my go-to look is denim shorts and a pullover/sweatshirt. As long as my arms are warm, I’m good! I think finding that balance is key. Maybe you’re wearing jeans and a bright pink light cardigan.. at least you get a little Spring with a mix of winter.

As far as a fashion move that ended up being a no-no.. all zebra!!! Lol, now this was when I was in my prime 13 year old stage but I was obsessed with wearing zebra print. I once wore zebra jeans, a zebra shirt, zebra earrings, and zebra slip ons… ALL TOGETHER. I am ashamed looking back haha. I don’t have a photo for documentation (thank god!).

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For me, I think the most important thing in transitioning seasons is always having a jacket! I’m so cold natured, so when I think the weather will be nice (ex: when we’re transitioning into spring) but then the wind chill makes it feel like it’s still winter I’m miserable without a jacket.

My fashion faux pas was definitely 6th grade all together. I was definitely a tomboy and I think I wore my hair in ponytail every single day that year…

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I feel like I am always the most awkward dressed in the office at all times because I am surrounded by fashionistas. So the term “awkward dress” is a daily for me. However, the transition from winter to spring is often a difficult one. When I know the temperature will heat up to above 70, I prefer to wear layers on top (currently my favorite jacket is a black faux leather and it goes with everything) and then have sandals on bottom. This allows me to turn on my office floor heater for my feet until it’s a sandal appropriate temp.

So there was this time in high school – I believe it was my senior year – when we traveled to London with an English teacher to take in everything we learned throughout high school with regards to literature. It was chilly the day we visited Stonehenge so I wore a long sleeved mustard colored shirt with BRIGHTLY colored shorts and black tights. Yes, there is photographic evidence. No, I am not sharing that horror!

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Hopefully you’ve learned from our mistakes and are able to breeze through this season! Do any regions you live in give you weather issues? What’s your worst outfit memory?