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What Christmas Movies Teach Us About PR and Business

By Korryn

We’re right in the middle of the holiday season. At this point, if you’re like me, you’ve already had the Hallmark Channel on continuously and have seen many of the movies multiple times (THEY’RE JUST SO GOOD).

While I love the Hallmark movies, there’s also the classic films that I must watch every season: Elf, Home Alone (1 and 2), Christmas Vacation, a Christmas Story, and more. All these movies get me into the holiday spirit, but they also have a lot of valuable lessons we should remember year-round.

What underlying messages in these movies teach us about public relations and business? A lot more than you think!

Home Alone

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Kevin McCallister was a child-genius. If this would’ve been me at age 8, I probably would not have (1) had the guts he did or (2) the creativity to get back at Harry and Marv. The lesson here? Take risks with creativity – it could work out in your favor and put you ahead of your competitors (or in Kevin’s situation, the Wet Bandits).


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Ah, Buddy. I love Buddy and his childlike innocence and love for Christmas. Will Ferrell’s humor was perfect for this film. The lesson of Elf? Don’t let go of your truth and what you believe. Buddy had people all over New York City thinking he was straight up drunk on hot chocolate, but when Santa crashed into Central Park at the end Buddy was able to prove that he really was from the North Pole. If you believe something, don’t let go of it no matter what your competitors are doing. Stay true to you: you’ll find more success that way.

A Christmas Story

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Ralphie wanted one thing, and one thing only: a Red Ryder BB Gun. He begged and pleaded, and pretty much to every adult in this film’s dismay, he got it. Despite his unsuccessful chat with Santa and his mom’s ever-so-constant reminder that he would “shoot his eye out,” he never stopped wanting the Red Ryder BB Gun. Why? Because of the story behind it. He wanted to be the famous cowboy saving the day. What did Ralphie teach us here? Stories are influential and essential in getting the consumer interested in (and begging for) your product.

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer

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When I heard this song when I was little I would get so mad because WHY WOULD THE OTHER REINDEER BE SO MEAN TO HIM BECAUSE OF THIS NOSE? As you grow up you realize that people will always judge you if you’re a little different, but Rudolph taught us to own our uniqueness. If it wasn’t for his nose, who would’ve lit up the sky for Santa?? If your business has a unique factor, use it to your advantage.

You can learn a lot from movies if you take a moment to dive into the underlying meaning. Make some hot chocolate and snuggle up on the couch - it's time to watch Christmas movies!