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Work Appropriate Summer Fashion Trends

By Audrey Stowe

Re-vamp your wardrobe this summer with work-appropriate fashion trends that will make you excited to wake up and start your day. Although clothing pieces are not the key to happiness, they can definitely make going to work this summer a little more fun.

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Going Gingham:

Yup. That picnic blanket pattern you may had once thought isn’t cute is now one of the hottest trends. Steer away from blacks and solids this summer and go out of your comfort zone with Gingham. It’s fun and goes easily with white pants or skirts.

Pretty Ruffled Pants:

Spice up your typical work pant situation by trying out the ruffled hem trend. Many work pants are now becoming a little less blah with cute detailing on the bottom. This trend is minimal but a statement!

Beat the heat with Linen Tops:

The summers get toasty y’all. Especially in Texas. It’s no fun to be trapped in clothing and sweating all day. Lighten your clothing load with a breezy linen top that lets you breathe during the day to be your best self.

Bringing back the Mules:

Mules are making a comeback! But this time, in a more spunky, pattern play way. Grab a sleek leather pair with a bow to dress up a plain black dress. You shoe lovers will swoon over this trend!

Flow through the summer in Pleated skirts:

Pleats are girly, chic, and are so simple to pair with an easy top. If pattern play is a little tough for you to do, try mixing your wardrobe up with texture. Pleats give just a tiny bit of texture but not too much so that you can still feel comfortable in your own outfit.

Be bold with Stripes:

You probably never though you would wear rainbow colors again but colorful stripes are all the rage this summer. Whether you like darker shades or lighter colors, opt for a witty striped look to stand out in your office.


We always look forward to the different, exciting trends that each season has to offer. Which trend will you try!?