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5 Things Your Office Needs


By Audrey Stowe

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Sometimes an office space can feel "blah." Check out these 5 things you should add to give your office a little more flare!

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1. Fresh or Fruity Candle

A good-smelling office will keep you awake and happy throughout the day. In the summer, it’s all about light and airy scents. Like something sweeter? Go for a fruity scent like raspberry. If a candle is a little much for you, try out a diffuser as well.

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2. A Living Plant

Having something alive in your office space will brighten the overall mood of the entire room. Whether you like fresh flowers, a cactus or even a succulent, plants are proven to help reduce stress and improve productivity. They also improve indoor air quality. Plus, they make for a good aesthetic. ;)

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3. Cute Pen Holder 

Making your office space an area that you love and an area that feel home-y will make you look forward to coming to work each and every day. A space that is yours and feels comfortable will help you work efficiently and not get distracted. Adding small desk accessories that match your personality are sure to set the mood of your desk. Not sure where to start? Go for a cute pen holder whether hot pink with some fun text, acrylic clear, or even a dark sleek wood matches your style, you can then form the rest of your accessories around it

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4. Organizer Tray

Organization is key, right? So let’s keep our minds free of clutter and organizing your desk will take a lot of stress off of you. Pick up some organizing trays or take a day to organize your file drawers for a clutter free area and a stress free mind.

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5. A Comfy Chair 

This one is pretty self-explanatory… but no one can get any efficient work done while uncomfortable. Treat yourself to a nice office chair, or maybe buy a comfy/cute pillow to satisfy your back and add to your office aesthetic.