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A Lady's Guide to a Brighter Morning

By Katy Lowery


Most mornings don’t start out with sunshine and rainbows, us girls we like our beauty sleep- and it seems that we can never get enough! Right as we drift into that perfect slumber the blaring alarm goes off, and we must start another day. Research shows that being in a bad mood can decrease your day’s productivity (and lead to wrinkles, yuck!).

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Choose a more peaceful alarm

Nobody likes being woken up to the sound of a buzzer or a constant beep - especially when it's extremely loud. Try your favorite song or nature noises for a more peaceful alternative to the very start of your day.

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You might even try getting an alarm that wakes you up slowly by creating a "sun-like" effect slowly, to bring you out of your deep sleep.

Have your Keurig already on and ready to brew.

There's nothing like a good 'ol cup of joe in the morning, but having to wait on it can drag you down even more. Make sure the night before your coffee pot is full of water and heated up. All you have to do is put in your choice of coffee and let it brew!

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Pro-tip: Have a glass of hot water with lemon while your coffee brews, the antioxidants in lemons are good for a variety of things, including weight loss - but it's also good for your body to have something other than caffeine first thing in the morning!

Open the curtains!

Let the light in and if your bold even open a window or two! Not only will the bright light help you wake up further but the fresh air and that fresh oxygen will make you less stressed!

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Blast the tunes

Whoever said Dance Dance Revolution and getting ready can't be mixed? Throw on your favorite playlist and forget your mundane mornings. You'll start to be more cheerful and be in a great mood by the time you get to school or work!

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Stretch it out

Try some morning stretches! These, along with the music, will get your blood pumping and keep you from wanting to crawl back into bed!

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Along with all of these, don't forget to eat something before you head out! You'll be sharing that smile with the world all day!