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All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day

By McKenzie Curry, Intern

Razonia McClellan Public Relations

For many, October is the month known for Halloween. It is the month where Americans parade around in silly costumes for candy and themed parties. Many of us resume life the way it was the day after Halloween like any other day. For some, All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day are just around the corner ready to be celebrated.

All Saints’ Day is celebrated annually on November 1st. The Catholic Church takes this time to celebrate the saints of their church who have entered into Heaven. All Saints Day is a Holy Day of obligation; meaning Catholics are required to attend mass to honor the many saints of their church. Not only does the Catholic Church celebrate the saints, they also celebrate those who have attained Heaven.

All Souls’ Day is on November 2nd this year. The Holy Day is celebrated mostly in the Catholic Church, but also by other Christian denominations as well. The theory behind All Souls’ Day comes from the Catholic belief that after a person dies they go to one of three places: heaven, hell or purgatory. The third option, purgatory is believed to be the place where those who are destined for Heaven go because they are imperfectly purified or sinners. In purgatory their souls will be cleansed and perfect to allow them to enter Heaven. During All Souls’ Day, many will take the time to pray over the souls who have not yet enter the gates of Heaven.

Here in Lubbock All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day are celebrated. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Lubbock plans on having a party for the Holy Days on October 30th from 6-8:30 p.m. The party will be filled with food, games and fun. At the event, will have a costume contest where you can dress up as a saint or religious article.

Other Catholic Churches in Lubbock will be holding mass on November 2nd to observe and honor the Holy Days.