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Water: Drink Up!

The benefits of drinking water and encouraging your workplace to hydrate with you


Korryn McMinn

Water: a drink essential for our health. However, it’s one drink most people could gladly do without. In our society, we have so many drink options available to us: coffee, tea, sodas, sport drinks… there’s a plethora of options! With the variety of choices we have, it’s hard to always grab the water bottle. We get it, water can be boring. Water doesn’t have much of a taste, so our taste buds enjoy drinking one of the other options listed above. However, our bodies crave water and need it to thrive.

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Here at our office, we’ve started a water challenge this summer. The rules? Whoever drinks the most 8 ounce glasses of water through August 15th will win the grand prize: a $100 gift card! With several competitive ladies here at the office, it’s going to be neck-and-neck until the very last day.

While it’s a fun game, it’s getting us hydrated and our bodies are thanking us because of the great benefits drinking the appropriate amount of water provides!

Our refillable water station and score board

So, what are the benefits of drinking water, you ask? Here’s some of the great rewards you get for drinking water – no winning a competition required!

  • Flushes out toxins (better kidney function!)
  • Energy levels are boosted (water = muscle fuel!)
  • Raises your metabolism (dehydration can slow metabolism!)
  • Aids in digestion (maintains regularity!)
  • Clearer skin (reduces risk of zits and pimples!)
  • Promotes a stronger immune system (See you later, cold & flu!) 
  • Prevents headaches (commonly caused because of dehydration!)
  • SAVES MONEY (Water is FREE most places!)

Those are just some of the benefits you get when you reach for the water bottle and put the soda can down. While water can be bland in taste and not something we look forward to drinking, there are ways to make it more interesting: add fruits and fresh herbs to spruce it up. You’ll find yourself liking water more when it has a little extra something added to it... and your body will like it too!

Use combinations like honeydew, mint, and cucumber to flavor your water.
Our flavored waters (left: honeydew and mint; right: honeydew, mint, cucumber)

When you are around others encouraging you to drink more water, you're likely to sip on it more throughout the day because your peers are doing it too! How do you motivate yourself to drink more water? Have you found that drinking more water helps you function better?

Do research on how much your body needs to be hydrated, then get to drinking! Encourage your own office or your family to start a water challenge – your body will thank you!