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Communicate Better in 2018

By Korryn

We have social media, texting, phone calls, video calls, and emails. We have in person meetings and coffee chats, snail mail letters and notes back and forth – all different types of communicating. We talk with family, friends, colleagues, other businesses and all kinds of people. Communication is an important part of our world, and here are some tips you can use to be an even more effective communicator this year!

If you’re talking to… family:

You know your relationship with your family, and these are (often) the people you can communicate easiest with. If you want to improve your communication here, listen more and say what you feel. It’ll help you know how your family members are feeling and it’ll help them know how you feel too. Too often we get angry because we don't communicate what we're feeling, make that a goal for '18.

If you’re talking to… friends:

These relationships tend to be more relaxed and laid back. Most of the time, your friends have a similar sense of humor to you. You can joke and talk about things that might be uncomfortable to talk with your family about. To improve your communication here, be sensitive. It’s easy to joke and say things we don’t mean when trying to be funny around our friends. Be open about what your friends say that might hurt you, and be mindful when joking around with your friends as well.

If you’re talking to… colleagues:

This should be professional. At our office, we’re so small and close to each other that we’ve developed a different relationship than most larger offices have. With that being said, I think it’s beneficial to step back from time to time and remember that your relationship with coworkers is primarily professional. To better communicate to your coworkers this year, find a healthy balance of talking work and life. Spend some time by the coffee maker chatting in the morning and catching up, but remember that working is why you’re there and don't talk so much you aren't able to get your job done.

If you’re talking to… businesses (for work):

Keep this strictly professional in 2018, especially if you don’t have a close and personal relationship with them yet. If you communicate over email a majority of the time, it’s good to refresh on email etiquette. See these 25 tips from Inc.

How will you communicate better in 2018? We'd love to hear some of your communication tips!