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New Year Resolutions: Ideas for Businesses

By Korryn

While these resolutions can be beneficial in your personal life, I think they can also be beneficial professionally. Let’s think about it for a moment, if you have new goals to become healthier, happier, and more successful, can’t your business do the same?

I think if businesses would make resolutions, they could see bigger and better change that year as long as they stick to them.

Here are some realistic resolutions your company could make:

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  • Give tasks to others
    If you’re spending too much time on things and placing other important tasks on the backburner, it might be time for you to delegate tasks out to your other employees. It might be nerve-wracking, but you can make it to where you can review the work before it goes out. Think about your interns here – don’t make them just go out and grab the office coffee or lunch, give them important tasks (just double check it before it goes out!)
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  • Weekly meetings
    These can seem like a total snooze-fest, we get it. However, to businesses, these are vital. If you’re not doing these already, start! You’ll get all of your questions answered in one place, you can help answer other questions that come up, and you leave knowing what exactly needs to be worked on. Once you quit having weekly meetings it’s easy to keep skipping them, make it a resolution to keep them going – even if it’s a quick 10-minute chat with your team.
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  • Team bonding
    When things get busy it can be hard to escape the stress of it all. Team bonding is great for this! An attainable goal would be once a quarter – take your team out to a movie or another fun activity! Give them a way to relax and get to know each other better outside of the workplace.
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  • Volunteer
    Need to get out the office? Find an organization to partner with and get your team out to volunteer once a month! It would be another great team-bonding experience and would also give you a little fresh out-of-the-office air!
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  • Follow up and change as needed
    Did you start something but realize after a couple of months that it’s really not working for you, your team, or your business? Don’t be afraid to stop and come up with something else! You’ll never get better if you keep doing things that don’t work.

The best thing about resolutions is that they’re completely customizable – and they’re not permanent! You can add in new ones or take some away all year long. January is a good starting point, but don’t be afraid to make new goals all year long.