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Happy Birthday, Razonia!

Today is Razonia's birthday - we're all so thankful for and love working for you!

"The best part about working for Razonia is that a day is never dull. Razonia is full of personality and makes the office such a fun and relaxed atmosphere. To me, she’s like that older sister that bosses you around (in a very “I’m a boss” way ;) ) and teaches you things you’re supposed to know. And also embarrasses you!! Haha. Happy birthday Razonia! You’re a BOSS in everything you do!" - Audrey

"Razonia’s always been a fantastic to work for. She’s got a great balance between being the fun, geeky coworker and the professional, all-knowing boss. There’s not much that gets past her, except for that time I tried on the Princess Leia Costume for an upcoming event while she took a call and I sat at the intern desk waiting for her to come back and notice. I wore it for a good half hour until the second time she walked back through to discuss with me and realized what I had been wearing. Needless to say, that made it even funnier." - Sarah

"Razonia - happy birthday!! You're fierce, strong, sassy, and a boss in every aspect of your life. You're a role model, and mentor and I'm so happy to know you!! I love that I know there will always be coffee around (and probably chocolate too) - this work environment is always fun because of YOU! You deserve the best day!" - Korryn

"I love that Razonia has been such a great mentor to me! She took a chance on me and taught me so much!! I hope you have a wonderful birthday and your most blessed year yet!" - Kari