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Get Stuffed.

By Sarah

That’s right. I said it. Get *stuffed*. Take your problems and go sit in the corner away from me.

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If you’re like me, this time of year is the crankiest for you. You’re just about fed up with the year and ready for another one, but first, you’ve got to get through two more holidays with family and put up with a whole bunch of other *cranberries* before you can relax. I can be the Queen of worrying over things that are out of my control or nit-picking the *gravy* out of my whole day. Despite the indisputable fact that fall is my favorite season and winter is a close second (hello cold weather closet and warm beverages!) this is... 'tis the season to stress. This is also indisputable.

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So again, if you’re like me, the few things you try to focus on to get you through the rest of the year will be those holiday vibes, a few warm snuggles, the *fudgin’* great feasts coming my way that I didn’t have to cook, and keeping that #blessed mentality that comes with the season by remembering the blessings that have befallen me this year.

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Blessings I am grateful for this year:

My #1 man and biggest supporter. Thank you for all you do to put up with my crazy self. Words can’t express how much you’ve meant to me these past years. Even when you insist I watch *pie* tons of movies about this or that, crave the same restaurant three nights in a row, or groan that I made you go to a social thing, you’ll never be an annoyance to me. You’re always my daily reminder that at least one thing will always be going right.

My Family. Though they can be a pain in my *apple cider*, they are an asset to my life, constantly reminding me to do my best, strive to do what makes me happy, and grab life by the *green bean casserole*. We haven’t been without our struggles. Our grandmother passed earlier this year, but the way in which we came together is another reminder of what family can do, and her strength through her sickness was inspiring. Family is there to remind you what’s really important in life. Might I add, my #1 man’s family truly feels like an extension of my own. Thank you for all you do.

TV Streaming. I used to be a strict Netflix fan, but this year I’ve been using a lot of Hulu and Amazon. How did I ever live with just one? I cannot tell you how many shows I’ve re-watched this year, from Doctor Who to Boy Meets World and more. Not to mention, all the new beauties that have finally come my way (i.e. Stranger Things 2). Books are great in their own way, but timeless shows are a true love of mine. Plus, I get way more memes out of it. It’s a real distraction from stress and can fix many a bad day.

Clothing sales. Since having a real job, I’ve just about added more items to my closet every month. When did clothes get so *stuffing* expensive?? I can’t tell you how much money I’ve saved by buying only from sales racks or reduced-priced stores like TJ Maxx.

My kitten… current gremlin and soon to be full-adult monster. The state of the back of my hand constantly reminds me how playful you are, but you’ve added joy to my life and taken stress away. I can’t wait for the full-grown cuddles.

My Nation. As frustrating as America can be, we still have many more rights than most other nations allow. Global news is a common reminder to me that we have a long way to go, but compared to others we are doing alright and sometimes Americans forget that. Even if this isn’t your favorite year for America, you must admit we are still pretty blessed where we are now. #1stWorldProblems

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While I’m sipping on blessing from my grateful mug and enjoying a long-anticipated Thanksgiving dinner, don’t be telling me your anti-thanksgiving political agenda or other seasonal drama about the end of the year… please leave me to my self-confirmed merriment, back away and get stuffed… with the delicious turkey and sides cooked with love from your friends and family. I’ll be doing the same.