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More Herbs, Less Salt Day

RMPR Staff

They really do have a day for everything, don’t they? Today is “More Herbs, Less Salt Day” which is appropriate considering the harvest of garden herbs is at peak this time of the year. We love fresh garden herbs, and today we’re sharing our favorite herbs to cook with!

Razonia – Basil

I love basil because there are so many things you can do with it, like make my homemade pesto!

Korryn – Oregano, Lavender

It might be my love for Mediterranean food, but oregano is my favorite herb to cook with! It perfectly complements Greek dishes with its slight lemon flavor. It knows no boundaries, though. It tastes great on all kinds of cuisines – not just Greek!

My favorite herb to just have around constantly though is lavender. It’s not just for cooking: I LOVE it in my soaps, lotions, and when it’s spraying the room through an essential oil diffuser… it’s a great herb that calms and relaxes. Add it to your daily routine!

Sarah – Rosemary, Cayenne

Rosemary is one of my favorite herbs. I think it is very underrated, covered by the shadow of Oregano and Italian mixes, but like Thyme it can be used for a wide variety of meals, including big juicy steaks. Cook it up in a pan of butter and rosemary, and you’ve got a foolproof masterpiece of flavor; no need to remember to marinate! Rosemary is also a great herb for mashed potatoes with its subtle pepperiness and piney aroma.

Rosemary is best when used fresh off the stem. If you’re like my mother and hate the use of Rosemary because of the texture (i.e. the needle-y feel of the leaves themselves), you can find grinders with Rosemary so you retain the freshness, or alternatively use Thyme. The herb is similar in aroma but much less needle.

Now, if we’re talking spices, I always keep powdered Cayenne/Red Pepper in my kitchen. A little known fact about cayenne is that used in fine amounts, it acts like a salt and will bring out the natural flavors of the food you’re cooking, whether it be fried or grilled beef/chicken, hearty vegetables, or even soups. It really amps up a meal, and can be used in addition to almost any flavor palette you’re working with, including Rosemary/Thyme bases (just be sure the Cayenne is a very small amount, I’m talking less than the salt you’ll use).

Amber – Cilantro

I would say that my favorite herb is cilantro. Cilantro goes amazing on tacos, and tacos give me life.

Gabriela – Oregano, Cilantro

Coming from a Latin family, adding flavor and spices to foods is a must! When I was learning to cook, my mother would always tell me to add garlic and onions to almost anything. Even though these are essential ingredients in my kitchen, I have two special herbs that make food taste even better; oregano and cilantro. I like using oregano when I cook pasta. As the noodles are boiling I add a little bit of olive oil and a lot of oregano to make the pasta itself more flavory. Also, it smells really good and I feel that if a spice/herb smells good than it will taste good as well. I like cilantro because it gives a fresh taste to food. My bunny, Manchester, is a cilantro fan as well! I think he enjoys the crunchy feeling when biting the stem. I add cilantro to guacamole, fish, chicken, rice, beans, soups, and salads.

Katy – Cilantro

My favorite herb is hands down cilantro! I love to cook with it and it’s also great to season meals with. It has a fantastic taste that is almost citrus-like, and the smell is so strong that it can fill a room. Cilantro also has such a beautiful bright green color to go with its leafy appearance that it doesn’t even need to be put into a dish. Cilantro is an herb worth tossing into the cart next time you’re at the store!