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Tips for Attending an Event (like the VMAs) Successfully


By Korryn McMinn

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Oh, The Video Music Awards (VMAs). Each year, they get people talking because they’re typically full of one scandal after the next. After Miley Cyrus twerked on stage at the 2013 VMAs, it was like nothing else was significant that week – my classes talked about it, the news talked about, every single person on Twitter talked about it. The VMAs are no stranger to the kinds of controversies that keep people talking for days.

Britney Spears & Madonna & Christina Aguilera kiss? The VMAs.

Kanye interrupting Taylor Swift? The VMAs.

Lady Gaga’s meat dress? The VMAs.

As a PR professional, the VMAs get me thinking – does no one who works closely with these celebs prep them for their public appearances? I get it, if a celebrity is going to do something crazy to get people talking, the VMAs is a good of place as any to do so. However, what they need to remember is what is done on that stage doesn’t stay on that stage on that night and in that moment – it follows you around for years after the fact. Don't encourage your client to go crazy and all out just to get some publicity.

This year's Video Music Awards were pretty tame in comparison to last years, so maybe the PR professionals for these celebrities gave them some good preparation tips.

Here are some tips we would give if we were the PR team behind some of the most famous people on the planet:

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1. Dress for the cameras!

You can dress to suit your personality, but make sure it's something that covers everything. These pictures/videos/gifs/memes will stick around long after the award show. If you're wanting to showcase what you've got, do it in a classy way. Remember, your kids/parents/grandparents could be watching.

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2. Stay calm!

The red carpet isn't a place to showcase the "beef" you might have with another celebrity. What keeps people coming back for more is when you're levelheaded and can keep a secret. Don't lose your cool. If you want to give your side of the story, do it subtly. Like Taylor Swift here.

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3. Raise the bar!

You want to do something that will be remembered and talked about - but in a good way. You don't want to be talked about for a week because you've gone crazy twerking. You want to be talked about because you spread a message - for reference, see why people are talking about P!nk at this year's VMAs here.

Remember - show your personality/brand off in a way that is true to self. Don't be hot-tempered, and give the audience something they'll remember: you'll be prepared for awards season in no time!