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How to Dress for an Interview

by Audrey Stowe

When applying for a job/internship it’s crucial to look your best and be prepared for whatever questions are thrown your way. Dressing the part for your interview could mean a big deal to your employer. You want to dress classy and be presentable but still have your own twist to stand out.

So, what should you wear?

Let’s talk about pants. A skirt or slacks should be your only options. If you have a bright and bubbly personality, go for a gingham pair or blue skirt to outshine yourself. You can dress appropriately and still be yourself if you’re looking in the right places. Jeans and shorts should not be an option when deciding what to wear for a potential job opportunity.

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As far as tops, you can typically run with this. I personally recommend something conservative. Go for a short or long sleeve and a high neck. The last thing you would want is to bend over to grab a paper and show your potential boss something he/she doesn’t want to see.

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When it comes to shoes, keep it simple. Heels are preferred but if you prefer flats, that’s fine too. You will more than likely be sitting for the interview so if you’re worried about your feet hurting, it shouldn’t be too bad. When it comes to heels, opt for a simple nude heel or even a fringe block heel for comfort and style. When it comes to flats, wearing a pair of printed loafers is a great way to stand out or go for a feminine ballet flat if your style is more girly.

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Lastly, if you can’t find anything in your closet, go for an all-black look. This will never fail as it always looks sleek.

Another pro tip: add a blazer to look professional and to look like you know what you’re doing. ;)

You can accessorize your looks however you’d like and voila, you’re ready to take on that interview.

Good luck!