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Water Challenge Recap

RMPR Staff

If you’re not familiar, over the last two months our office has been involved in a water challenge. Complete with a white board and measuring cup, our refill water station has seen lots of love this summer.

Challenge Rules: You can only count the water you drink from 8-5, Monday through Friday. Even if you weren’t in the office each day, you could count what you drank during those workday hours. One tally equals 8 ounces of water.

Who in the office can drank the most 8-ounce cups of water from June 16th to August 15th?

With a total of 270+ cups of water, Korryn won the challenge!

Sarah was a close 2nd with 240 cups, Audrey came in 3rd with ~135 cups, Razonia in 4th with ~46 cups, Shelby rounds out the top 5 with ~25, and Kari... well, she's got all of us about beat if it comes to coffee or tea.

So, what did we think of the water challenge? Let's find out!

"I have a few thoughts over the water challenge. First, I really appreciated the challenge because it helped me stay hydrated, it also helped with weight loss. Another thing I enjoyed about the challenge were all the different flavored waters we experimented with. This challenge has made me want to drink more water because the results have been phenomenal!" - Shelby

“I am a coffee and tea lover, which isn’t a secret to anyone – I typically drink them all day long. Because my love for those beverages runs deep, I don’t typically drink much water. Although I am not anywhere near winning, this challenge has me excited to drink water for the first time ever. As a matter of fact, it’s making me want to improve other areas of my life, such as increase my exercise and make better food choices. I have noticed I am drinking more water at home as well. I consider this challenge a success on my end even though I lost big time!” – Razonia

“My overall experience was great. I saw the biggest difference in my skin after keeping track and increasing my water intake. My skin was more lively, and clear and it was nice to feel hydrated throughout the day. This challenge motivates me to want to continue drinking more water.” – Audrey

“It was kinda fun to be head to head with Korryn for most of the time! Though I will say I concede. Ultimately, it is difficult to keep up with a water schedule while working, especially if you’re like me and get “in the zone” for big projects, and I admit after a while I just stopped counting. Unless I have a straw constantly hanging on my mouth, I’ll forget it’s there… Not to mention when you’re off for a day or two and staying cozy on the couch keeps you from crossing the apartment to grab a water. However, it was fun to try new fruit waters and see how far I could go –even if I had to chug a glass or two to get ahead for a sweet moment. I bow to Korryn!

If not for the fun of playing, I also enjoyed having this competition because if the importance it holds. Drinking water is important for me not only as a human being whose body is mostly H20, but as someone who has struggled with heat exhaustion in the past from the unfortunate combination of summer sports and a petite body. Staying hydrated is something I always have to prioritize in this dry Lubbock summer heat. It’s nice to help others hold this importance, even if it’s through a blog or egging them on to drink more.” – Sarah

“As someone who spent time in hospitals dehydrated as a child because she hated water so much, I’ve really come a long way. Once I got into college I realized how important water was, and try to consciously drink more each day. However, sometimes that’s easier said than done. When Razonia suggested this challenge, I was excited because I love a little friendly competition and knew it would help create good habits. Here we are, two months in – I’ve drank SO much water. I’ve become diligent in making sure I’m hydrated before my morning coffee, and afterwards as well. On the weekends, I don’t drink as much water and I feel it. I get headaches and feel lethargic. Water is so important, and I’m glad we got to do this! I’ve developed a habit of going for water the same times each day, which is something I think I’ll keep doing long after the end of this challenge.” – Korryn

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