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How We Celebrated International Coffee Day

by Razonia McClellan

This was quite possibly one of my favorite days ever: International Coffee Day! I love coffee more than my favorite t-shirt, more than my favorite pair of shoes, and definitely more than my favorite mascara. And those who know me, know that’s a whole lot of love. I am not afraid to admit that I drink way too much on any given day. I even crave the delicious hot black brew on hot summer Texas days! To celebrate the day, our office visited Yellow House Coffee for breakfast and a delicious cup of joe.

Here’s a peek inside our visit:

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Yellow House has a pretty unique breakfast menu. They offer a variety of “toast” inspired options and pastries such as muffins and scones. The toast options can be purchased as a half order or full order.

Sarah and I decided to split a full order of the Wagner Special, which was simply a piece of toast covered in avocado with a fried egg and bacon on top, but tastes like heaven. I also ordered an Americano with cream and sugar, and Sarah ordered the Gingersnap – a cold brew coffee mixed with ginger beer, cream, and cinnamon. Both were incredible; I know because Sarah broke out her “happy tummy” bounce just two bites and sips in.

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Korryn ordered a savory scone that included sausage and cheese. She said it was incredible and very unique. She also ordered the almond latte, which included pretty latte art made with the foam.

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Amber also ordered the almond latte and partnered it with a super moist chocolate muffin.

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Our final thoughts are that the coffee, which comes from a roaster in Oak Cliff’s Bishop Arts District – a super hip area in North Oak Cliff that features everything from incredible food to art to yoga – is quickly becoming one of our new favorite blends. They have a grinder on site so customers can experience a true bean to cup experience.

Their coffee menu is pretty straight forward and they offer everything from cappuccinos, lattes, Chemex, French Press, Aeropress, and more. They even have a “babyccino” ;) for anyone looking for a mini burst of caffeine. They also offer tea, espresso shakes, hand crafted soda, hot chocolate, fresh lemonade, Italian cream soda, and other drinks. Plus, according to the website they offer catering and delivery.

The ambiance is quite cozy and it was fairly easy to find a table, but parking can be a challenge. Don’t worry though, it’s worth it.

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Location and important information:

Yellow House Coffee | | 3017 34th Street, Lubbock | 806.702.8997