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Hitting Refresh Throughout the Day

RMPR Staff

You can Google search for morning tips from CEOs and successful day-starting routines from entrepreneurs all day long, but how many of us know how to keep refreshed and ready for the next task as the afternoon rolls around?

I think we all know there’s a big difference between the struggle getting out of bed and the struggle of the after-lunch groggies.

Read how our RMPR ladies keep themselves refreshed all day and bring in the little things to enjoy.


This may shock everyone, but coffee is not the first thing I do in the morning. I actually wake up my son and then start getting ready.

When I get into the office, the first thing I do is turn on my computer and then make coffee.

I make another cup of coffee and then check my email immediately.

When I get home each day, the first thing I do is hug and kiss my son and husband! Then, if I haven’t planned meals for the week I usually ask “what should we do for dinner?”


I sleep so hard that I have a special alarm app on my phone that flashes lights and makes me do a puzzle to turn off the song. It also forces me out of bed for the next step: I have to scan the bar code off of my shampoo bottle in the bathroom. No easy snooze buttons here! Making myself go into the bathroom means that I’m already in the vicinity for my morning hygiene and might as well just get started with my day. It’s also a great time to take my kitten, Carl, straight to the litter box to make sure she’s using it and not my carpet.

Around lunchtime, I have recently started whipping out a mason jar of fruit juice that I bring from home, then follow it with a glass of water once the jar is empty. So far, I’ve had apple, pineapple, and grape. I find that it helps mix up my beverages while giving me more essential vitamins. Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of juice? I also use this time to change up whatever Pandora station I’ve had playing earlier that morning. Ain’t nothing wrong with jamming to two genres in one day. The new flavor in your ear may refresh your mind while the juice refreshes your body.

When I get home, my day still isn’t over, so I check my calendar for upcoming class assignments –after changing into a soft tee/casual clothes- and try to knock out a few or do tomorrow’s reading. If I’m lucky, I get to skip straight to starting dinner and curling up on the couch to binge a bit of TV. Tonight, it’ll be Top of the Lake on Hulu and a little Brooklyn Nine Nine on Netflix.


The first thing I do in the morning is turn my alarm off and cry a little inside because the morning once again rolled around all too soon. Then, if I’m motivated enough I will get a workout in (currently loving cyclebar). But, sometimes I like sleep more, so in that case the first thing I do is get ready for the day, eat breakfast, and then it’s off to the office!

The first thing I do after I get into the office is go pour myself a glass of warm water (with lemon if we have it) to sip on while I check my emails.

Right after lunch, I’m turn on my heater because I'm always cold when I get back - ha! Then I pick up where I left off in the morning!

Once 5 rolls around, I like to go home and decompress by watching Big Bang Theory with my boyfriend!


First thing I do in the morning is wash my face, I find I can’t see or wake up without splashing cold water on my face.

First thing I do at the office is make a nice cup of coffee.

First thing I do after lunch is check my email or go back to whatever project I’m working on.

The first thing I do when I get home from my day is go work out!


First thing in the morning I check my phone and turn off my alarm.

First thing at the office I grab the paper.

First thing after lunch I drink an energy drink to keep going (not healthy woops).

When I get home I lay down for a second before I check to see what needs to be done around the house.


The first thing I do in the morning is open my curtain and turn on my lamp. I like to watch how the sky becomes brighter, I’m a fan of natural light! I make my bed because I love leaving and getting home to a clean room. Then I put some food and water on my bunny’s plate and let him out of his cage so he can run and eat and do all his messy stuff. Next, I play some music to get me movin’. I brush my teeth and face to remove the sleepy vibe. I take my medicines and vitamins and then go shower. While I’m showering I start thinking what I’ll wear for the day. I always end up wearing some comfy leggings and a big sweater or t-shirt. Once I’m ready I play with Manchester for a little bit (he hates being alone) and head downstairs for a quick breakfast. My to-go snack is a fresh apple, if I have enough time I cook some eggs and toast some bread. I make sure I have all my things, specially my glasses, and then head out.

Once I’m in the office I fill up my bottle with water and make some coffee to wake up my brain and get those ideas flowing.

After lunch, I take a short nap and get ready to go to class. Throughout the day there are times when I get tired. To keep myself motivated I always think of how blessed I am to be alive and surrounded by amazing people. I tell myself “girl, you are awesome, you can make it through the day!"

Finally, I get home and the first thing I do is clean after Manchester’s mess, then I take of my shoes and put on funny socks and some sweat pants, I tie my hair in a big bun and look through my agenda to check my to-do list. Before beginning my homework I watch some Netflix to relax a little bit.