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I'll Quit Procrastinating... Later

By Korryn

Does the title of this article sound all too familiar? Do you always put off a major project or chore until the last possible moment? But then tell yourself you'll never wait that long again?

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We've all been there. Thankfully, it's something we can work to change. Check out these tips on how to quit waiting to the last minute to get things done!

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1. Break Up The Work

Did you know you don't have to everything at once (!!) but you can break up the work that needs to be done? This is something I have to remind myself often. I've always been a person to want to start a major project and complete it all in one day. By separating your project into parts and working on it at different times you'll save yourself some stress. And, your work will probably be better! Win/win.

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2. Reward Your Progress

Who doesn't love a good reward? I think everyone loves a nice treat. Did you finish a major chunk of a project? Go grab food with friends! Did you finish cleaning a major room that was in desperate need of it? Watch an episode of your favorite TV show! Do something to take your mind off the work for a bit.

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3. Plan For The Slump

We're human, and to be so is to fall back into our old ways. You might have started a project early, but find yourself thinking "it's okay to put it off now since I've already done a little bit..." DON'T FALL INTO THE TRAP! Be prepared and know that these thoughts will come creeping in. You have to change your old ways, so be prepared to work through the slump.

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Sorry, Ellen. We've all procrastinated before, but it's not something we have to do over and over again. Next time you have something major to get done, try these tips and see if that relieves your stress. Don't procrastinate, put off procrastinating instead!

What are some things you do to prevent procrastination? Let us know!