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Olivia Pope: The World’s Greatest PR Professional

By Ashleigh

If you are Scandal crazy like some of our office staff is, then you are probably also heartbroken that Scandal and our beloved President Fitz will no longer be gracing the television. Also, can we take a second to appreciate Olivia Pope’s killer style?! Anyways, I’ll fill you in on a secret: as I started going through college and meeting people, the first question always seemed to be, “What’s your major?” After stumbling through trying to answer this question, it finally dawned on me that I could just start saying, “You know, like Olivia Pope on Scandal, but way less scandalous!” That seemed to get more attention and be easier to understand, and suddenly I looked like the coolest person in the room which doesn’t hurt at all!

However, what may have started as just the easiest way to explain what I was planning on doing for the rest of my life has now become an accidental education. I have learned so many PR lessons from Ms. Pope and her team of Gladiators! Here are just a few:

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Lesson 1: There is no such thing as being over-prepared for a crisis!

At the beginning of the large majority of each episode on Scandal, Olivia and her team delve completely into each and every inch of their client’s lives in order to be fully aware of the situation in order to create a plan to save their client. Although it’s made for TV, clarity and thoroughness is incredibly important for any successful campaign or crisis.

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Lesson 2: There is no “I” in “Team!”

Olivia Pope would not be Olivia Pope without her team of Gladiators. Each member of the team plays a crucial role and has a special skill they bring to the table for an ultimate team of public relations professionals. We wear a little bit less black leather in our office everyday than Huck, Quinn, and Charlie but we each bring something unique and important to the table for the ultimate success of our clients as well.

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Lesson 3: Competitors make your business better, which makes clients happier.

The Scandal team is no stranger to competing with outside forces or power hungry politicians. While we aren’t in the business of political races, we are in the business of competing with other public relations firms to be the best and keep our clients happy! At the end of day, competition can be difficult, but we have found that it motivates us to be creative, loyal, and thorough; these features of our team is what keeps our clients coming back and why they choose us every time!

As graduation approaches closer and closer and the job searching consumes my life, I have been trying to cling on to as many lessons that can be applied to my career as a PR professional. Olivia Pope has become an inspiration to me within this industry that I love so much, and her purses and heels are #fashiongoals as well, let’s be honest! I’m going to miss Scandal so much, but I will never forget my white hat or the importance of being a Gladiator for each and every client.

What’s your favorite thing about Scandal? Let us know!