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Spring Cleaning: Challenge

By Audrey

We are in the midst of Spring and it’s my favorite time to dig deep into my house and purge things that are not needed. I think it’s extremely refreshing to look at everything you have and think “Do I REALLY need this in my life or is it taking up unnecessary space?”. I go off of a few tips for myself each year to help realize what’s needed and what’s just wanted.

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1. When it comes to the living area/kitchen spaces: Limit the knickknacks. While they’re fun, cute, and everything in between, they’re clutter. I keep my large furniture but as seasons pass and I add one too many candles, frames, and drink coasters… It can get overwhelming. I take everything off and let myself have three items on whatever furniture there is. Everything else goes in a box for storage or donated.

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2. Cleaning out the closet tends to be a little more difficult. Especially if you’re a clothes hoarder like me. I go through and pull each and every thing out of my closet and work my way backwards. I ask myself with each piece “Have I worn this within the last 6 months?” if it’s a no, I toss it, no matter how much I try to tell myself I’ll wear it soon. I will slowly organize clothes by color and organize shoes by summer to winter. From there I will also go through accessories and bags and make sure I’m consistently using them or else I give it to a better home.
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3. On top of purging items, I give my home a really good clean. Something about turning on some music and scrubbing at every inch is actually pretty soothing to me. Plus, the end result makes it all worth it. A clean, organized home helps clear your mind after a long day!

Those are just a few of many tips but I challenge you to pick one day this month of April to do a whole home/life detox. You’ll be amazed at what it does for you!

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