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National Stress Awareness Day: Shake it Off

By Korryn & RMPR Staff

Stress: a physical, mental, or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension.

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We all feel some sort of stress pretty regularly. Whether it's happening at work, home, or anywhere in-between, the harm stress does to our bodies is no good. So, how do you de-stress? What are some tips and tricks to relax when you're tense? Sometimes just shakin' it off does the trick, but if not, here are some of our favorite ways:

Razonia: Yoga, meditation, great music, and breathing exercises are my current ways to deal with stress. However, I am running a 5k in Dallas in December so I am really hoping to become a runner and hope to learn to run to relieve stress. My two tips for people trying to cope with stress are: 1.) Breathe in for four, hold for seven and breath out for six. Do this 10 times. It slows the heart down and slows down the body. 2.) Put on some relaxing music or even peppy music that takes you to your happy place. Put in your earphones and just chill for 15 minutes to recharge.

Korryn: My biggest tip for stress relief is to physically remove yourself from the environment that's causing you stress. If you find your self anxious, stressed, and tense in you're living room at home, move to the bedroom and watch TV or do something to get your mind off what's bugging you. If you're stressed at work, I think it's so important to get up from your desk and leave the environment. For me, it's always crucial for me to make sure I'm up and out of the office for my lunch hour, even if I bring my lunch! I think changing your environment does wonders for you mentally when that stress is building up.

Sarah D.: Can you even with stress? If you literally can’t with stress, there’s a chance you may not even know what it feels like. Do you have a crick in your neck and a sore back though you have no idea why? Either you need a new pillow, or you’re harboring your stress and don’t even know it. Take a moment to sit straight and assess how your spine feels. Slowly roll your head, lean side to side with your neck, roll your shoulders back in big circles, then stretch your sides. You didn’t even know you were holding your muscles tight, did you? Boom… you’re aware. That’s step #1. Next: learn that not everything is worth stressing about. If you literally literally can’t do anything about it yourself, just let it fly and remember you’re only human… and can feel pain if you stress more so don’t!

Audrey: Here are my tips for managing stress:

Meditation App: I’ve recently started doing meditation and I love it. I found an app that has really awesome sessions and I can choose to do a 3 min one or a longer one which is nice. I try to start my morning with this to have a more positive day.

Praying/reading the bible or a devotional: When I’m stressed out or flustered I like to either pray if I’m away from home or If I’m at home I’ll pick up my bible or devotional and just read and read until my mind has settled. This does amazing things for not only my mind but my heart too. I always feel so calm afterwards and can think of a game plan to solve whatever is stressing me out.

Sara Z.: Ugh, the inevitable feeling that is stress. It's brought on by several things but depending on where my stress is coming from is how I go about dealing with it. If it's emotional stress I like to go for a run. My body being tired distracts me from my brain short circuiting. It also sort of feels like my problems are way behind as I sprint forward. Once I'm done I feel like I have more clarity.

When I find myself stressing about school I find the only way to alleviate the anxiety is getting at least one major assignment done (lame advice, I know). But if I just sit my stubborn self down with no distractions I can make a dent in my work load. And sometimes that alone makes me feel better.

A few other things that get me through adulting are music that makes me feel powerful, naps and happy thoughts.

Sarah B.: Whenever I’m stressed out with assignments piling up at school, I tend to go towards buying wine and face masks. Writing a 5 page paper is much more tolerable with a glass of wine and clearer skin. Another thing I like to do is use my essential oil diffuser. I love using the lavender scent and feeling my body relax as I breathe it in.

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How do you manage stress? Give us your best tips & tricks!