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Halloween Candy: The Good and the Bad

RMPR Staff

It's Halloween season and that means candy! Here's what we like (and also what we don't).


My favorite Halloween candy is Snickers®. I love pretty much anything caramel and chocolate, so to me Snickers wraps those two ingredients up neatly with a nice nougat center with peanuts. Plus, it’s gluten free! My only wish is that it was also free of sugar, but alas that’s part of what makes it delicious. Until I was in 9th grade that’s pretty much the only type of candy bar I had ever eaten. I guess you could say I am creature of habit when it comes to candy.

If I ever eat a candy corn, it’s because someone is paying me a million dollars. To me, they are NASTY. I ready that it’s a Halloween favorite for several states throughout the USA and it’s so hard for me to wrap my mind around because I dislike it so much. But, to each their own, I suppose. We are all unique in our own ways…Halloween candy preferences included.


My favorite Halloween candy is Peanut M&M’s. It’s a childhood favorite (and a family favorite) so while I love the candy itself I also love all the memories it brings back from sneaking in the candy drawer at my Noni & Pop’s house or sharing a bag with my dad and sister at Friday night football games.

My least favorite Halloween candy is candy corn. I’ve tried so hard to be seasonal and like it, but… I just can’t. We’ll let Gordon Ramsay take it from here:

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Sarah D

If we really must pit these innocent candies against each other, you know I’ve got to back up my homie KitKat. Does your candy have its own jingle?! As delicious as Snickers, Twix, Hershey, Almond Joy, and all the classics are, KitKat just has the most satisfying crunch and are conveniently divided into bars for easy sharing (though let’s be honest, does anyone really share their Halloween haul?). Not to mention, you feel less shameful later with less sugar from nougat and caramel coating your tongue and making you feel sick! If I really want to switch it up, I’ll reach for a Baby Ruth.

Now, I’m not going to diss candy corn because I admittedly have been eating one or two as I pass by my little candy bowl on my bookshelf at home. It’s not the best but it doesn’t deserve your hate! These little buddies only come out to play during Halloween, so be nice! One candy I really can’t stand is licorice. Something about that strong flavor I just can’t take.. that and black cherry. *shivers* I don’t care how cute the cupcake decorated to look like a spider with licorice legs is, I’m not eating it.


My favorite Halloween candy is Twix. I’m allergic to nuts and I eat chocolate almost every day so the Twix bar is the perfect candy during this month to switch things up. I love the mix of chocolate, caramel, and the cookie inside. It’s like pure heaven with a little sweet and crunch.

My least favorite Halloween candy is FOR SURE candy corn. Gross. It’s too chewy and too sweet for me. It looks so cute in a bowl but I usually throw it out after Halloween anyways.


I love this candy all year round but I usually pick up a little extra around Halloween time. My favorite is a milky way. The smooth caramel and nougat wrapped up in chocolate....mmmm. It's unmatched. And I don't love dark chocolate but the dark chocolate milky ways? They have my heart haha. Another one of my favorites, which is not as popular, is black licorice jelly beans. I know, I know, your repulsed, but I think they are delicious and get me in the Halloween spirit.

And of course my least favorite is candy corn. I cant with candy corn! Why is it shaped that way? Why does it feel waxy in my hand and crumble in my mouth? How does it taste like nothing and still taste awful? Why is it three different colors? Does it have anything to do with corn? How is this "candy" still being produced and sold? I cant


My favorite Halloween candy is Twix! My least favorite would have to be York Peppermint Patties

Sarah B

My favorite Halloween candy is a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. It’s sweet and salty and I can never stop with just one. My other favorite is the candy pumpkins which are kind of like candy corn, but taste better and are shaped like cute pumpkins.

My least favorite candy is Almond Joy. I hate coconut and only eat almonds when I’m dieting, the two together can’t even be saved by a chocolate coating.

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We love candy, and we love that Halloween season is the perfect excuse to stock up on all of our favorites! What is your go-to Halloween candy?