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Things We Never Thought We'd Hear a Boss Say

Today is Boss’s Day – a day where we take a step back and look at the boss we currently have and what they do for us and the place of business. We grow up thinking of a boss as a person that possesses certain characteristics: tough, enforcing, serious and never one to have any type of fun in the workplace at all. These ideas? All wrong. We get older and realize that the type of boss a person is depends on the type of personality they have. And our boss? She’s a – how would you put it if you know her? – a wild one.

Razonia is loud and always down for a good time, yet she knows when it’s time to get down to business and knock work out which is part of what makes this office fun yet productive.

However, each of us has found ourselves in a situation where Razonia has said something and our initial thought is: that is something I never thought I’d hear a boss say. I know, I know. Now you’re wanting some examples. Well you’re in luck, because here are just a few:

Oh, geez – I don’t know if I can pick just one Razonia quote that stopped me in my tracks, but more recently I think my favorite would be when we were in the car driving back to the office and she took the aux: “do y’all want to hear a dirty song?” and then proceeded to play some form of ‘80s rap that I was unfamiliar with. Ha!

Sarah D.:
Razonia is what you would call a… “cool boss.” If we had thought to start a journal of all the unconventional or snort-inducing things to come from her mouth, we’d have a goldmine. Of course, many go a lot like “ ****** the ****** that **** ***** ******.” But, sometimes it’s like, “I just cut off the tip of my finger and no one came to help! The kitchen looks like a massacre!!!” of which we would reply “All you said was ‘****!!!’ and that could have been anything.” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Something I never thought I’d hear a boss say: “There’s wine in the fridge! I’m drinking some Merlot!” at 10am in the office. Our boss definitely knows how to have a good time and keep things fun in the office!

Razonia runs on two things: coffee and coffee. I remember we were working a really long event and each of us went on at least one coffee run a day. We are all exhausted by then end of it and when I asked how everyone was holding up she said, "Sara, how do you think we make all of this happen...? It's the coffee."

Sarah B.:
I recently turned 21 while we were working an event, when we were done working Razonia said we were all staying around because “at midnight we’re all taking shots for your birthday!”

Needless to say, Razonia is not a regular boss, she’s a cool boss – and we’re all so lucky to have her in our lives! Happy Boss’s Day, Razonia! We love you!