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Five Ways to Unblock Your Writer’s Block

By Kendyl

In the PR industry, we write A LOT. We’ve all been there – spending countless hours having a staring contest with a blank computer screen, patiently waiting for your keyboard to magically type up the perfect paper on its own. Writer’s block happens to the best of us, and it’s easy to let it get to you. However, one of the keys to conquering writers block is not letting it conquer you first. So, here are some PR practitioner approved ways to finally cure your writer’s block.

Take a Walk

Go outside and get some fresh air! A little walk around the neighborhood shouldn’t hurt until the allergies kick in. Let the scenery be your muse – notice every little detail from the faint September breeze to the satisfying crunch of the leaves beneath your feet. The grass might not be able to write that paper for you, but it will hopefully make the process a little easier.

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Jam Out to Music

Personally, this is my method of choice. Channel your inner Ferris Bueller (or Beyoncé, whatever you prefer) and rock out for half an hour. Break out your microphone hairbrush and headline your own concert (or perform a duet with Taylor Swift in Madison Square Garden!) Once you’ve won your Grammy, use your favorite T-Swizzle lyric as your inspiration and get back to writing!

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Deep breath in, deep breath out. Find your happy place and remain calm. Being stressed out is only going to make the writing process harder. If you happen to get really into it, great! Align your chakras. Have an out-of-body experience. Heck, become one with the universe. Maybe successfully ascending you mind to a higher plane of existence is all you needed to finally finish your paper.

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Netflix and Chill (out)

Sometimes, the best thing for curing writer’s block is to focus on something else for a bit. You’re already on your laptop, so pull up you Netflix queue and finally start season two of The Crown that you’ve been putting off for a couple months! Just remember – while its easy for one episode to quickly turn into four or five, you still have a paper to write.

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Finally, never, EVER be afraid to think outside of the box! Do you think J. K. Rowling or Nicholas Sparks got where they are now by playing it safe? Granted, finishing an assignment is definitely very different than writing the next young-adult-vampire-love book saga, but it's still important to open your mind and try writing out of your comfort zone!

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Your turn! How do you conquer your writer’s block? See a method you might want to try or have tried? Tell us about it below!