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Thirst Quenched: 2018 Water Challenge Recap

By Korryn and RMPR

For the last two summers our office has taken a water challenge to try and up our water intake and be better about staying hydrated. If you've ever tried to drink the appropriate amount of water your body type needs during a given day, then you know how HARD it is. Water gets boring, you have to get up and go to the restroom over and over again, and it gets old pretty quickly. However, when you do drink the amount of water you should be each day, you'll notice that you feel like your body operates a little bit better.

The challenge is to see who can drink the most 8-ounce glasses of water from 8-5 during the work week all summer long. This year's winner was Sarah, who drank well over 250 glasses!

What does the winner have to say? Let's introduce her:

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I definitely learned a thing or two about being hydrated this summer, and have found a few tricks to mitigate my fault of forgetting there’s an untouched glass 6 inches from my hand like last year. 1) Never leave the kitchen without drinking a cup and immediately refilling. 2) Once you go 10 cups a day, it’s hard to go back. You’re constantly thirsty! Stay in that zone if you want to win. 😉

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Razonia - I really liked how it seemed pretty competitive this year…more of us were actually trying although Sarah kicked boo-TAY most of the time regardless of how hard we all tried. I do wish we had made more flavored waters this year. Last year we tried so many various flavors, this year we only made flavored water once, maybe twice. Regardless, I did drink quite a bit more water compared to last year. I feel this is partly because of my new way of eating and the fact I no longer drink sodas.

Korryn - As the reigning champ, this summer I was motivated to win again... until I went to the beach immediately after the competition commenced. I tried my best to catch back up when I got back to the office, but nevertheless, I failed. Ha! I like the water challenge because it reminded me consistently to go get a drink, even when I really wanted to drink anything but water.

Audrey - I felt like the water challenge was another great year. Everyone was really working hard to get their water in and I definitely got a good intake each day. I liked that it was something challenging us each day and even though at times I often forget to drink water, this was a really awesome constant reminder.

Sara - This was my first water challenge and it was cool to see everyone get into it. It definitely inspired me to drink more water. And even though we didn't try too many flavored waters this year the ones we did make were delicious. But now that summers over can we do a hot chocolate challenge?

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