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FALLing in Love: RMPR's Fall Favorites

By Korryn & RMPR

There's so much to love about fall - from the crisp air to the candles to the sweaters and more. I think all of us up here are excited that the seasons are changing. What are your favorite things about fall? Here are some of ours!

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Razonia: Fall is my favorite season. I love almost everything about it. My favorite things are:

  • Cool weather – I absolutely love sitting outside with a blanket while reading a book and drinking hot coffee. I mean, we all know I will drink coffee outside morning, noon, and night throughout the year, but drinking it while it’s chilly enough to need a blanket is my absolute favorite.
  • Colorful leaves – Fall colors are so epic! I once took a tour of several New England states just so I could see the leaves changing colors. I wish I could do that every year!
  • Pumpkin carving – I love the way pumpkins smell, I love carving pumpkins, and I especially love lighting them on the porch for everyone to see my handy work. However, those who know me well know I am highly allergic to pumpkins. This was discovered when I was 27-years-old while carving pumpkins with my entire family, a tradition that we carried out every year, and my grandmother noticed that everywhere the pumpkin touched my arms I had huge red swollen marks. I still love carving pumpkins, I just have to do it with gloves up to my armpits now.
  • Football – I am from West Texas so football is life. When I feel that first chill of the season set in (which it usually does sometime in mid to late August – we seem to always get a chilly morning or afternoon around then for some reason), my very first thought is usually about football season. GO DAWGS! Wreck ‘em! Come on 49ers!
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Korryn: my favorite thing about fall is all the family time! You've got all the sporting events starting back up and the holidays start approaching fast, so I always find that it's this time of year that I spend the most with my family, which I love! But of course - who doesn't love the colder fair, big cozy sweaters, and stocking up on their favorite scents from Bath & Body Works?

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Sarah 1: I am a huge fan of healthy greenery around my home and in my yard, but there’s just something about those weeks where all the trees change to warm colors and there’s a crispness in the air. It’s the reason why my fiancé and I chose an Autumn month for our wedding!

Disclaimer: I’m not pumpkin crazy, so keep my lattés vanilla until it’s gingerbread mocha season.

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Audrey: My favorite thing about fall is between home décor and sweaters. I love decorating my home for fall and making it all cozy and cheerful. There's something about warm colors and pumpkins everywhere makes your home much more inviting. I also love being able to wear ‘snuggly’ outfits like sweaters and leggings again. Except, let’s be honest, that won’t really happen until November in Texas...

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Sara 2: I grew up with the beach in my back yard and palm trees on every corner, so to see fall take full effect is really magical. There's also that crisp blow of cool air after a hot summer that just makes you feel good inside. And though I'm not one for the pumpkin flavors, if you have a cup hot coco I'm your girl.

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Sarah 3: My favorite thing about Fall is pumpkin carving with my friends. For the past two years my friends and I have bonded over having pumpkin carving parties with scary movies playing in the background. The best part is laughing at how badly each other’s carvings turn out, and usually mine is the worst. This year to make sure that my pumpkin isn’t a complete disaster, I’ll try and buy a stencil ahead of time. The only thing I don’t look forward to is the mess that gets left behind after it’s all over.

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Kendyl: My favorite thing about fall is layers! As much as I love wearing shorts and staying cool, nothing is more comfortable than throwing on a (preferably oversized) jacket.

We think there's so much to love about the season changing from summer to fall. What's your favorite thing about this new season upon us? Let us know!