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RMPR Summer Interns: A Recap

If feels like just yesterday it way May and these two fresh-faced interns joined our team! We blinked and all of a sudden it's August and their time at RMPR has come to an end.

What did Sara and Gabby think of their internship with us over the summer? Let's hear from them!


I’m so lucky that RMPR was my first internship and there isn’t anything I would change about my time here. From client meetings to graphic design I learned so much (not to mention we had some pretty tasty lunches). Everyone in the office was always patient and understanding even when I asked a billion questions. This summer internship made me even more excited about PR and how I can be better. I wasn’t sure what to expect my first day, but it’s been a summer full of new experiences that went by way too quick.


I am beyond grateful for the time spent here at Razonia McClellan Public Relations. I came in only knowing what I was taught in my classes, so it was great to finally do some hands-on work. I learned so much from the women apart of this team and they have all been extremely supportive and understanding. I was nervous to start this internship because I had no prior public relations experiences other than my classes, but they made my first internship experience amazing and I know that this opportunity was one of a kind! I’m really going to miss it here, especially working with a team as amazing as they are.

From all of us here at RMPR, thanks Gabby and Sara for all of your hard work this summer! We know you'll both go on to be powerhouses in the PR industry.

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