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5 Ways to Enjoy Your Last Month of Summer

By Audrey

Whether you work full time or starting back at school soon, it’s still Summer! While we really only get to enjoy summer during our weekends, there’s a good month (probably two in Texas) of Summer weather left. Before we jump full force into pumpkin spice latte’s and fall foliage, let’s enjoy one last month of extra hot weather.

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1. Soak up that tan… or sunburn

Even if you’re prone to burn, soak it in while you can. One last month of getting tan and getting some Vitamin D. Try to remember your SPF though to avoid a sunburn.

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2. Get In the Water

Take a trip to the lake, beach, or your neighborhood pool while you can. Bring some friends, snacks, and enjoy a day on the water! You only get to enjoy this a few months out of the year.

3. Sit on the Patio

When you’re out for dinner, ask for the patio. If you have a balcony or patio at home, sit and read a book each evening. Being outdoors is one of the best things for you in the summertime and most restaurants have fans and shade on their patios for you.

4. Read a Book

Typically, Fall and Spring are busy months. So is summer but it still tends to be more of a slower pace. Before tailgates and holiday’s pop up, pick up a book this last month and spend time reading. It’s always nice to enjoy the slower things in life while you can.

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5. Take a road trip

Another popular summer thing to do is TRAVEL! This month, book a flight, or more importantly, a road trip. Grab some friends and pick a random place and you’ll make the best memories.