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National Wine and Cheese Day

RMPR Staff

You didn't think we'd let the day end without celebrating National Wine and Cheese day, did you?

What cheese and wine pairings are your favorite? Let us know! If you're not sure, check out our suggestions below and this article for tips!


I personally loved the aged white cheddar with the red wine from my Winc wine subscription ( – it was a 2017 Valdiguié (one of California’s rarest grapes, btw) by The Bluffer. Winc is really getting me to drink outside my comfort zone! Also, I’m a huge fan of goat cheese and thought the goat cheese with cranberries on the paleo rosemary cracker was delicious.


Once I tried it, I was obsessed with the goat cheese with cranberry on the rosemary cracker. I feel like it paired really well with the rose I was drinking. I also loved the feta on the veggie cracker and the habanero cheese on the sundried tomato cracker, though for those I would suggest a white wine pairing.


I really loved the goat cheese with cranberry paired with the rose!


My favorite pairing was the goat cheese and seed sprout cracker with the rose.

How are you celebrating National Wine and Cheese Day? We hope you're inspired by some of these options mentioned here. Happy drinking and eating!

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