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Our Fav Valentine's Traditions

RMPR Staff

Whether it be a traditional V-Day or a special Gal-entine's day, our ladies love the day of love. Here are some of our favorite Valentine's traditions and some traditions we look forward to.


I love flowers, I love chocolate, and I definitely LOVE red so it makes sense why Valentine’s Day is my second favorite holiday (behind Thanksgiving). To this date, my parents make sure I feel loved on Valentine’s Day and to appreciate this holiday as an all-encompassing day for people to express love to others, not just from a love interest. Growing up they would buy me fun gifts like Michael Jackson’s Thriller tape (yes, I said tape) and usually send me flowers every year. This is a tradition I have continued with my son. I encourage him to pick a “Valentine” every year…someone he can share some of his love with by giving them a gift or making them dinner (one year he made heart shaped pizzas with his Memaw), in addition to showering him with tons of love.


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February is a big month for me: my birthday, V-Day, and my anniversary. It's a fantastic excuse to "go big or go home" for one big trip or a special night to celebrate because we have many reasons to! This year, we're thinking horseback rides in the canyon. Anyone have a rowboat we can borrow for a lake? Ha!


Favorite thing about Valentine’s is the excuse to eat pizza and chocolate. I’m usually a person that likes to stay in and not go out for VDAY. But it’s a perfect week-night excuse to hang in with girlfriends or my fiancé and watch a movie and spend time together.


Wait…. it’s Valentines Day already? Someone tell time to slow down! This year I’m going to start traditions for myself. Anyone have some suggestions? Lol. Maybe a pedicure, some shopping and my favorite Chinese place for dinner.


My favorite thing about valentine’s day are all the spa deals! It’s the perfect day to really treat yourself to the well-deserved pampering we all need time to time. What a day to love yourself!


My favorite Valentines Day activity is waiting until Valentines Day is over so I can buy all the discounted dark chocolate the day after.

Tell us what your plans are this Valentine's Day! Any tips for our ladies?