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Dashing Through PR: What Christmas Carols Can Teach Us About the Industry

By Korryn

‘Tis the season to listen to Christmas Carols over and over and over again, right? That’s what I’ve been doing nonstop. I love the Christmas season and I think it can teach us so much about life in general. Today though, I’m examining what a few carols can teach us about PR. Let’s rock around this topic, shall we?

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Jingle Bells

Oh, what fun! Public Relations can be a lot of fun if you have the right mindset. Sure, it can be plenty stressful, but PR is a rewarding career. It’s all about making spirits companies bright to their publics. Laugh your way through all the stress and sing a sleighing song tonight knowing that you’re helping your clients become the best they can be!

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Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

We all know the classic story of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. A reindeer who was bullied by his peers for being different but overcomes his challenges to become Santa’s #1 guy. Keep this song in mind when you’re feeling put down and misunderstood. Even the brightest stars sometimes get knocked down again and again. However, they can end up on top because of their differences, not despite them. Whether you’re the quiet girl or the loud one, whether your athletic or so not, being different from others is what makes you unique – don’t let anyone take that away! Keep going when times get tough.

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White Christmas

We all have different dreams. Whether it’s a White Christmas or becoming the #1 provider in your industry, it’s important to have dreams. You never know, you might just manifest it into your reality soon enough!

What's your favorite Christmas Carol? What does it teach you about life each year? We'd love to hear! Let us know below.