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4 Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Holiday Break

By Kendyl

We all know how it goes: school lets out and you retreat into your room for the next month and a half only to emerge from your personal cave of despair for the occasional cup of hot cocoa or bag of hot Cheetos. I am not one to judge how people spend their holiday breaks. I too spend the occasional day or two locked in my room with the curtains closed and Netflix queue going nonstop. However, we all need to take a break from that at some point. So, here’s 4 things you can do to get the most out of your holiday break.

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Clean your room

It’s been a pretty long semester, and let’s face it, the “Instagram perfect” room you had in August has probably lost its luster by this point. You might’ve tried to tidy up a bit during the semester, but it never stayed clean for long. But hey, now’s your chance to FINALLY get your life back in order. Take the clothes out of “the chair” and dust off the Christmas lights strewn across your wall. People often say the status of your room directly reflects the status of your mentality, so it will be a refreshing experience for you AND your room.

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Start a blog

Blogs seem to have a weird stigma among college students – you either love ‘em or you hate ‘em. Personally, I think blogs are a great way to express yourself and keep your mind open while school is out of session. Blogs give you the chance to explore your thoughts on things that interest you, express your feelings in a healthy way, and possibly help you learn something about yourself. Blogs don’t have to be personal either. Do you like to cook and try new recipes? Make a cooking blog! Do you like to travel or are you taking a special trip during the holidays? Start a travel blog! Whatever you choose to blog about, it’s a great way to keep yourself thinking during your downtime.

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Pick up a new hobby

Is there anything you’ve wanted to start doing but you haven’t had the time? Well now’s your chance! You have about a month and a half before classes start up again. That’s PLENTY of time to pick up something new! I bought a ukulele back in late September that’s been collecting dust ever since because I haven’t had the time to learn how to play it. This winter break I’m making it a goal to learn at LEAST five songs before school starts up again. So, go out and find yourself a new hobby! OR, even better, let’s start a band!

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Stay active!

Sure, its super easy to lay in bed all day binge watching show after show on Netflix, but eventually you do have to leave your bed. However, the “are you still watching?” text box that pops up on Netflix can get a little offensive after a while. Take a walk around the block a couple times a week! Join a cycling class or get some friends together for a nice, friendly game of volleyball at your neighborhood park (weather permitting of course). Make it your goal to not get winded when you have to climb three flights of stairs when classes start back up.