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RMPR Internship... What's it Like?

by Korryn McMinn (with Q&A from our interns!)

We’ve all been there: in college, needing real-life, degree-related, job experience that will help us beyond the degree...

We know, the idea of the real world can be scary, but around here we're all in it together. Things wouldn’t be the same without our interns, we're a team! We all work with the clients to develop content, put events together, and more.

We're here to help each other out, learn from one another, and push each other to be the best PR professionals we can be!

So, you’re probably thinking – what does a day in the life of an RMPR Intern look like? Well, wonder no more. Let's ask them...

Let’s take a look at our MWF Intern, Audrey!

What does a typical day for you look like?

A typical day in the life would be reading the newspaper, scheduling social media content, making a few phone calls, and answering emails accordingly. Each day is so different which is what truly makes the PR world… and this office.. so enjoyable! I’m always excited to come to work because I know it will be different than the day before.

How has an RMPR Internship helped you?

This summer, I have gained knowledge in communicating, writing press releases, creating media lists, and also the value and importance of research. I never realized how much research goes into creating different lists, events, and client meetings until working for Razonia. It’s been so fun and I feel so much more aware of everything that goes into a daily PR professionals work life. I’ve truly enjoyed spending my summer at Razonia McClellan Public Relations learning and having the opportunity to interact with everyone in the office and being taught many things I can take with me for a future career in the Public Relations world.

Tell us: what has your favorite memory been on the job?

My favorite memory from the job would be getting to sit in on a client meeting with a local tea company. It was a blast getting to meet with them, try their products (hello tea galore! Yum!) and interact all together. This internship has been wonderful and I recommend it to anyone that is eager to learn more about Public Relations and enjoys all social things.

Now, the other two days of the week we’ve got a different intern. What are things like for Shelby, our Tuesday/Thursday intern?

What does a typical day for you look like?

A day in the life of working in the office is always so different. Before work starts, I grab the newspaper outside on the front patio and go through it once I get to my desk. I check to see what clients are mentioned, and if they are, I am sure to leave a note and let Razonia know about the mention. I then go through the emails and make sure I am up to date with what is going on in the office.

Typically, there is an email waiting for me with a list of to-do’s for that day. Each day is different with tasks such as: press releases, fact sheets, media pitches, graphics, running errands, calling places for our clients, etc.… I have really loved doing all of the things asked of me because it is what I enjoy doing, and can see myself doing as a career in the future. Once I finish all of the things asked for me to do, I make sure nothing else is needed in the office. Once five hits, we all head home!

The office is such a calm, but fun, environment to work in. I feel so comfortable when I come to work, and never once have I felt stressed because I am confident with the team we have we will always get the deadlines done in enough time.

Tell us: what has your favorite memory been on the job?

My favorite thing I have done in this internship is attend the events we help put on. It is such an accomplishment to see the things you help with come to life and be as successful as you've hoped.

How has an RMPR Internship helped you?

This internship has taught me so much I am truly thankful for the opportunity given. It is promised you will learn more than expected when you take this internship. I can guarantee you this will help you in your future as you search for careers in the field of public relations. A couple things for the future intern:

  • Don’t be afraid to jam out to some music while you work.
  • Always keep that positive attitude even if you are stressed, it will help you get through whatever comes your way!
  • Razonia is right down the hall, don’t be afraid to open up to her and talk to her about whatever you need. I promise she is a great mentor AND a wonderful boss! 
  • And last but not least… Wreck 'Em!

As you can probably tell from the answers from Audrey and Shelby, each day is different around here. One day, we could be behind our desks sipping coffee and working quietly – but other days… we could be running all over the Hub City, and beyond!

Are you currently a student and ready to get to work furthering your knowledge of the PR industry? Yes? Well, you’re in luck! WE’RE NOW INTERVIEWING FOR FALL INTERNS!! If interested, open your email up and send a clean resume to

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