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Benefits of Coffee at Work


By Korryn McMinn

Around RMPR, we have no shortage of coffee. Typically, most of us have one cup a day… and maybe two or three depending what the day has been throwing at us.

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Sometimes coffee can get a bad rap, but around here we think there’s some benefits of making coffee easily accessible at the workplace. Why? Well, coffee...

Wakes you up

Yeah, especially on Monday mornings, this is what helps me out! Monday mornings swing around way too quickly and I find that usually I don’t sleep as well on Sunday nights. A good cup of joe is exactly what the doctor ordered to get me alert and running on those mornings when sleep just wasn’t great the night before.

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Makes you socialize

Our offices can be cozy places, but having to walk to the kitchen or break room to grab coffee gets us up and talking to our coworkers. This helps build rapport around everyone in the office when you’re all standing around waiting for your turn at the coffee pot!

Increases productivity

When you supply coffee to your employees at work, they’ll spend more time at the office and less time waiting in line to get caffeinated at the local coffee shop… I don’t have to wait in line and work gets done? Win/win!

Serves as an ice breaker

Sometimes meetings can get off to an awkward start. Have someone coming to your office for a meeting? Being able to offer them a cup of coffee is a way to spark conversation and get the awkward out of the way. How do they take their coffee? Sugar? One lump or two?

I could come up with more benefits, but I think you get the point: coffee is good! As Lorelai Gilmore would say…

"I stop drinking coffee, I stop doing the standing and walking and the words-putting-into-sentence doing." — Lorelai

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